Coating in RAL colours

Now it's time for colour: Set individual (coloured) accents in the 190 shades of the RAL CLASSIC range with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems.

Schlüter-Systems My Design RAL colours for a wide variety of colours

The colour choice is yours.

Design numerous popular Schlüter products in your own favourite colour or in your company's corporate colour. Add your own personal colour preferences with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems! Selected tiled skirting and finishing profiles, all of the SHELF shelves and numerous edge profiles from the BARA range for balconies and terraces are available for coating – with no minimum order quantity. This makes MyDesign products not only suitable for projects with corporate design requirements, but also for residential construction projects with a personal touch.

Bathroom with a Schlüter-SHELF in a MyDesign colour installed in a niche. © Schlueter-Systems

Schlüter-SHELF is a quick and easy solution for creating storage space in tiled wall surfaces – and make them an eye-catcher in the colour of your choice with MyDesign.

Stair tread with grey tile covering and yellow contrasting profile edge. © Schlueter-Systems

Whether as a tone-in-tone complement or as a deliberate contrast to the covering, numerous popular profiles can be enhanced with a coating in a RAL colour.

Balcony profiles in different colours on the balconies of a building's external facade. © Schlueter-Systems

Numerous BARA profiles are suitable for colour coating with MyDesign. Reliably finish your balcony or terrace construction – and show your colours at the same time.

Individuality down to the smallest detail

The profiles of our popular Schlüter-TRENDLINE series already provide edge protection and design elements in one – MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems goes one step further: 190 RAL CLASSIC shades are available to coat numerous profiles and Schlüter-SHELF shelves in the colour of your choice.

Whether a kitchen in your corporate design, a bathroom in your favourite colour or an outside area with colourful finishing profiles: Based on the K7 CLASSIC RAL colour range (without fluorescent and pearlescent colours), the MyDesign spectrum of colours has something for every taste and application. If the colour of your choice is still missing, please contact our product advisors of our sales service – we will check the best solution in your individual case.

We can coat these products for you with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems:

How to coat in your MyDesign RAL colour in three easy steps

You can place your orders via e-mail or by phone as usual, but the manufacturing process has a few special features and takes a little time. Our product advisors of our sales service will support you throughout the entire process and keep you up to date with the status of your order at all times.

Step 1

Determining the price

The costs for your MyDesign project in RAL colour are made up of three components:

  1. Unit price of the desired product(s) that you would like to have coated.
  2. MyDesign surcharge A or B of €3.24 (A) or €6.47 (B), per unit or metre respectively.
  3. MyDesign set-up cost of €358.75 for setting up the printing machine. This set-up cost cannot be discounted and is a one-time feeper colour, regardless of quantity. This means that any number of profiles, accessories and SHELF shelves from the MyDesign programme can be coated in the selected colour. 

In the case of radius perforation, please also include the corresponding surcharge in your calculations.

Step 2

Determining the order number

  1. Select the product from the MyDesign programme, e.g. QUADEC-AC: C / Q ...* A 
  2. Select the desired height and add it to art. no. in place of the *, e.g. 4.5 mm: C / Q 45 A
  3. Select the desired shade from the 190 RAL colours and add it to the article number, e.g. RAL 6001

Sample order number: C / Q 45 A in RAL 6001

Step 3


© Schlueter-Systems

As soon as your order is received, your products will be put together for processing in our high-throughput coating facility. Our sales department will communicate the anticipated delivery time (within Germany and other European countries) when you place your order.


The pricing of subsequent orders is calculated in the same way as for initial orders. This means that the set-up cost of €358.75 will again be due for every design. We therefore recommend diligence and forward planning in putting together your order quantity.

No, there is no minimum order volume. You can order exactly the quantity you need for your individual project. This makes MyDesign projects an excellent fit for large-scale construction and residential building projects alike.


The MyDesign colour spectrum is based on the RAL K7 CLASSIC fan without fluorescent and pearlescent colours and offers 190 colour shades for coating as standard. If the colour of your choice is still missing, please contact our product advisors of our sales service – we're happy to help you choose the right colour and also to check whether colours outside the RAL CLASSIC range are possible and feasible where necessary.

As individual as our customers

MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems offers a wide range of options to add your individual touch to our products. From drainage channels with personal engravings to profiles and shelves with custom coatings and digitally printed surfaces in the design of your choice, many Schlüter products can be precisely adapted to the needs of designers and home owners – not just in large volumes, but also in small quantities.