Let us help you find an experienced retail partner.

Schlüter-Systems for retailers: Let us help you find an experienced retail partner.

Sales – the systematic way

We offer our customers a wide range of sales support. From informative flyers and brochures to product samples and complete sales shelves. Always tailored to your individual needs.

Interior view of the Schlüter WorkBox truck ON TOUR, where all Schlüter products are displayed. © Schlueter-Systems

Made by professionals for professionals

Our customers and their needs have always been our top priority. "Made by professionals for professionals." – we still live by this motto, every day. Whether contractors or end consumer, our high-quality products are guaranteed to satisfy your customers. When you offer Schlüter products, you're selling reliable and popular complete solutions that are continually being improved and, above all, are always available very quickly.

At the same time, we also offer numerous support services. This includes providing our expertise through exciting seminars, for example at our popular WorkBox training centre in Iserlohn, or on-site at your premises with our innovative WorkBox truck. This will help you get to know our products and their correct use even better!

Schlüter employee demonstrates and explains the Schlüter products to two retail staff. © Schlueter-Systems

Comprehensive range of services for you

In addition to sharing knowledge through our extensive training programme, we also have other services we can offer. Our technical consulting and sales employees are available to provide professional support at all times.

Do you need shelving that is precisely customised to your sales space and kept up to date to optimise customer appeal? Are you looking for brochures with attractive images and concise texts that explain our products with clear and simple language? We are also happy to provide you with sales promotion materials!




A Schlüter-Systems sales representative advises a customer in front of a shelf with Schlüter products. © Schlueter-Systems

Our sales consultants are happy to advise you on our wide product range.

Interior view of the WBOT truck with different Schlüter products, such as the Schlüter SHELF. © Schlueter-Systems

WorkBox ON TOUR: Showroom in a truck

Close-up of the Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM floor heating system sales sample © Schlueter-Systems

BEKOTEC THERM sales sample

Image of a BEKOTEC CompetenceCenter from Schlüter-Systems. © Striking Places Limited

BEKOTEC CompetenceCenter

Energy saving is a key issue for all your customers and is only increasing in importance. We have developed compelling solutions to meet this challenge, including our water-fed BEKOTEC-THERM floor heating system, which we're happy to give you more detailed information about.

And not only that: Many of our retail partners also incorporate a BEKOTEC CompentenceCenter (BCC) in their display. This is the optimal way for customers to become familiar with the BEKOTEC-THERM programme. We train employees in advance so that they can competently present all options for new construction and modernisation projects.

Your benefits with products from Schlüter-Systems

High-quality products
High reliability
High level of product availability
Compatible system products
Comprehensive guarantee
Extensive technical support