Five-star fittings for a new residential property

Category: Bathroom design | Location: Longfield, England | Products used: DITRA, DITRA-HEAT-E, KERDI-LINE, KERDI-SHOWER, various profiles

Grey bathroom with black accents and Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-NLT illuminated niche.

Modern dream bathrooms lend first-class flair to a property in Kent

A stunning residential project in Longfield, England, saw multiple wetrooms installed and stylishly fitted with Schlüter-Systems products, creating both level entry access and a uniform look.

The project, led by Daniel Berry of ATD Design Solutions, began with a smaller tender for one single bathroom. However, once the work began and the homeowner saw the quality of the craftsmen and the Schlüter system solutions involved, he requested further construction projects, including additional bathrooms and the Schlüter-DITRA uncoupling mat in the downstairs living area.

Lateral close-up view of a linear floor drain © Schlueter-Systems

The KERDI-LINE linear drainage system was used in the Longfield project.

Floor-level shower with mosaic floor, matching wall niche, gold heating radiators and shower fittings. © Schlueter-Systems

A practical and, above all, stylish KERDI-BOARD niche including LIPROTEC LED lighting was also installed in the floor-level shower.

Close-up view of a linear floor drain with a two-way incline © Schlueter-Systems

The KERDI-SHOWER and KERDI-LINE systems were used to achieve a two-way incline.

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Lateral close-up view of a linear floor drain
Floor-level shower with mosaic floor, matching wall niche, gold heating radiators and shower fittings.
Close-up view of a linear floor drain with a two-way incline

Customised shower drains

The shallow-structured Schlüter-KERDI-LINE linear drainage system installed in each of the bathrooms ensured simple level access to an area that would have been much more difficult to reach with a standard drain.

This was particularly evident in one of the bathrooms that was fitted with a two-way incline in the shower. This challenge was stylishly mastered with flush transitions by first laying the shower floor and then creating the desired incline with the Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-LTS sloped tray. The U-shaped channel profile Schlüter-DECO-SG made it possible to install a glass pane without damaging the waterproofing layer under the tiles.

If a customised area is defined in a wetroom, I think it makes the most sense to use products from the same manufacturer wherever possible. For the two-way incline in the shower, this meant using the Schlüter drainage system and sloped tray, both of which have a shallow height and are ideal for the task at hand.

Daniel Berry, ATD Design Solutions

Bathrooms to feel good in

A floor heating system gave the bathroom floors a feeling of luxury and warmth – and the installation of the Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E-DUO electric heating system made this easy. The advantages of such a system also include sound insulation and rapid heating in addition to the shallow assembly height.

Schlüter profiles were used several times in the bathrooms, as the range offers a wide variety of structures and surfaces. This way, the tiles could be perfectly coordinated to achieve a harmonious overall result. Daniel added: "The use of the different profiles, including JOLLY, QUADEC and FINEC, has really enhanced the overall look of each bathroom. Combined with the certainty that the tiles have been protected, it was an easy decision for us to use Schlüter-Systems profiles."

Individual and reliable system solutions

I am constantly impressed by the quality of the Schlüter products and services. Regardless of whether they are installed behind the tiles or on the surface to protect the tiles, I can be sure that everything I have chosen will stand the test of time.

Daniel Berry, ATD Design Solutions

A remarkable application of the Schlüter-DILEX expansion joint profile took place in the open-plan living area, where the floor tiles met the patio doors. To allow for a movement joint at the edge, DILEX-BWA in black was installed. This not only offered the necessary flexibility for the tiles to match the terrace doors, but also perfectly matched the colour of the door and ensured a harmonious finish.

This upmarket residential project has shown some fantastic examples of Schlüter products in action and demonstrated how they can help with special designs such as the two-way incline in the shower – and, thanks to the range of profiles available, provide reliable protection for tile and natural stone installations in any application.

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