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Schlüter-Systems for contractors

Make your customers and yourself even happier!

For over 55 years we have been inspiring contracting business and their customers with our wide range of system products. Whether our special solutions for wet rooms, systems to simplify screed and tile laying, finishing profiles for walls and floors or energy-saving floor heating systems: You too can benefit from our aesthetically pleasing, durable, reliable and easy-to-install products.

Close-up of a contractor laying tiles on Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT. © Schlueter-Systems

Durable and reliable

For nearly six decades, Schlüter-Systems has been firmly rooted in Iserlohn, and is still family-run today – now in its second generation.

This is reflected in the quality of our products. They are designed from the start to be durable and reliable, and are manufactured in our factory in Iserlohn from high-quality materials and under strict quality controls. This high quality eliminates the need for additional work due to complaints and reworking. But should something be not of the desired quality, then our comprehensive warranty will take effect. We can then quickly supply you with replacement products.

Take advantage of our wide range of products and show your customers what's possible with Schlüter-Systems products.

Interior view of a Schlüter-Systems warehouse, where some products are stored. © Schlueter-Systems

High level of product availability

Are you on the construction site and urgently need supplies, but the product has a long delivery time? Not with us!

Create planning reliability for your business and for your customers. Thanks to our long-term supply chains, efficient production facilities and large storage capacity in Iserlohn, we guarantee a high level of product availability and quick delivery times. Order by 10 a.m. to have the goods available on site in the required quantity by the next working day.


Schlüter products and participants in a training session in the Schlüter WorkBox. © Schlueter-Systems

Training, professional development and support

"Made by professionals for professionals." Werner Schlüter founded the company in Saerbeck in 1966 with this slogan. And this is the motto we still live by today. We understand your questions and don't leave you alone to deal with our products – we provide comprehensive support and advice.

This includes training and professional development to expand your capabilities, or simply to bring you up to speed. Take part in exclusive seminars in our WorkBox and become a certified Schlüter-Systems contractor. This will give you access to our exclusive network of over 6,700 certified specialists for Schlüter-Systems products. And you'll also receive work via our reference list for homeowners and architects.

Your benefits with products from Schlüter-Systems

High-quality products
High reliability
High level of product availability
Compatible system products
Comprehensive guarantee
Extensive technical support