Installers & contractors

For over 55 years, our products have been used to enhance all kinds of projects, from five-star hotels and universities to hospitality venues and high-end homes. You too can benefit from our vast range of systems and solutions, designed to benefit both the installer and the end user.

Practical products for practical people

Knowledge of our products enables quicker, more efficient and effective tile and stone installations. Once you understand our products, you won’t look back as you'll be able to earn more money by learning new skills with the latest systems and technology. Choosing Schlüter-Systems isn’t just about buying a product from us. Our people, our service and our approach, combined with our innovative products, means that you’re making a safe and dependable choice. Discover some of the benefits of choosing Schlüter-Systems on this page.

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Products & service you can rely on

Schlüter-Systems has been based in Iserlohn, Germany for almost six decades and is still family-run today, so we understand the importance of reputation for future business. For you, this means always doing a quality job with the best products on the market. With that in mind, our products are German engineered for the highest durability, reliability and performance. In the rare event that something does go wrong, we're on hand to get it sorted quickly as we know that time is money.

Company founder Werner Schlüter invented products that helped him to solve problems he encountered on site as a master tiler. What started off as the first tile trim has developed over the years into a product portfolio that includes underfloor heating, uncoupling, tile trims, wetrooms and much more. Werner's practical roots remain an important part of the company, as we’re always listening to your feedback and looking for ways that we can make our products even easier to install.

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High product availability

You are on the construction site and urgently need supplies, but the product has a long delivery route? Not with us!

Create planning security for your business and for your customers. Thanks to our long-term supply chains, efficient production facilities and large storage capacities in Iserlohn, we guarantee you high product availability and fast delivery options.

Benefit from our wide range of products and show your customers what else is possible with Schlüter-Systems.

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Training & support

"Our products cannot be sold, they must be understood." This ethos, outlined by company founder, Werner Schlüter, underpins our educational focus. The WorkBox – our purpose built training centre in Iserlohn – is the ideal environment for learning about our integrated systems and solutions. We offer a range of courses that cover various topics including; undertile heating, waterproofing, drainage and substrate preparation.

Each course is tailored to provide the perfect balance of presentation, demonstration and hands-on time. We train hundreds of installers and contractors every year. Once you're back on site, our team offer second-to-none support and are there for you throughout every stage of a project.

Some of the benefits of choosing Schlüter-Systems

Our products are German engineered = high quality, reliability and performance

We create systems = guaranteed compatibility to give complete peace of mind

We’re problem solvers = providing extensive technical support, both before and after you buy our products

High product availability = less time waiting for products to arrive