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Terrace with large beige tiles, a chair and a table in front of a large glass door.

Protecting tile against the elements

Already in 1983, Werner Schlüter invented the first drainage mat as a surface drainage system specifically for balconies and terraces. From surface drainage, bonded waterproofing, uncoupling and edge profiles to drainage channels – Schlüter-Systems now offers a complete product range of matching components for every structure from a single source.

Unbonded installation

Bright terrace, with two chairs, a table, a parasol and a view into greenery. © Villeroy & Boch Fliesen, Kollektion Memphis Garden

Unbonded or floating installation of pavers and other elements on balconies and terraces is a clever alternative to conventional bonded installation. In this way, a balcony can be created by means of loose installation in just a few steps and often more quickly than in a bonded installation. And another plus point is that the tiles or slabs can be later removed without damaging the structure of the balcony.

Whether you wish to lay self-supporting pavers on a crushed stone layer, on mortar rings or on paver supports, our product solutions for outdoor applications enable different types of construction, resulting in an undamaged balcony with an unbonded covering. Moreover, almost any slope or site situation can be levelled and drained reliably.

Our appropriately designed drainage mats ensure that the drainage functions for the long term. The mats are long-lasting, withstand high compression stresses and guide any seepage water in the direction of the slope. By combining them with high-quality drainage channels, you can thus even realise structures with a low construction height for greater accessibility.

Waterproofing and drainage membranes

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Large tiles and natural stone pavers are en vogue! This goes for tiling in outdoor areas as well, with building owners and planners now requesting tiles in sizes larger than 30 x 30 cm. As the tile size increases, the number of joints in the structure decreases which leads to higher requirements regarding the quality of the installation. Especially with conventional bonded installation, the substrate has to be carefully prepared so that the floor coverings in outdoor areas remain free of cracks and protected even in adverse weather conditions.

To ensure that you can enjoy the flooring of your balcony or terrace for many years to come, we have developed various system products that are compatible with each other to provide effective bonded uncoupling and bonded waterproofing.



Put an end to damage caused by moisture: optimal waterproofing beneath the tile can be recognised by the colour orange! Discover our popular KERDI products with all their benefits.

Schlüter-DITRA-DRAIN 8

Schlüter-DITRA-DRAIN 8

Two functions in one: discover our uncoupling mat combined with bonded drainage developed specifically for outdoor areas.



Use our DITRA for effective bonded waterproofing and bonded uncoupling of substrate and floor covering.

Balcony edge profiles

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The perimeters of balconies and terraces are constantly exposed to the weather. The high-quality edge profiles from the Schlüter-BARA range effectively protect these areas and form a smooth finish. Some of our aluminium profiles for the edges of balconies or terraces can also be ordered in individual colours – find out more about the design possibilities with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems.

The corresponding BARA profiles can be quickly and easily fitted with various elements from our Schlüter-BARIN gutter system. These channel elements and covers are made of high-quality, colour-coated aluminium and are screwed to the balcony edge profiles using fixing screws in just a few installation steps. The elongated openings on the underside of the gutters allow for setting up a slope of up to 30 mm.

Drainage systems

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The targeted leading away of moisture to the drainage level is one of the essential challenges to be tackled when constructing balconies and terraces. Our products from the Schlüter-TROBA range offer you a variety of drainage solutions for different assemblies. They all have one thing in common: lasting functionality and high load-bearing capacity.

High-quality drainage channels from the Schlüter-TROBA-LINE are particularly well suited for the safe drainage of water that has accumulated. If you are planning a drainage channel in front of your balcony or terrace door, you can even create a low-barrier assembly of lower height.



The perimeters of balconies and terraces are constantly exposed to the weather. Our high-quality edge profiles effectively protect these areas and form a smooth finish.



Combine our BARA profiles with the matching gutter systems for safe drainage of rainwater or cleaning water from balconies and terraces.



Discover our clever system solutions for the targeted leading away of moisture to the drainage level when constructing balconies and terraces.