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Welcome to Schlüter-Systems – your specialist for tried-and-tested system solutions for the installation of tiles and natural stone.

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From profiles to systems

The start of a success story: in 1966 the young master tiler Werner Schlüter set up a new company in Saerbeck, Germany, that has since made its name all over the world as Schlüter-Systems. Just two years after the company was founded, Werner Schlüter moved to the city of Iserlohn, where the company headquarters remains to this day. It has meanwhile grown to include international service centres and subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and Turkey.

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Still in constant discussions, for example about the DITRA-HEAT-E electric wall heating system: Werner Schlüter and his sons Udo and Marc.

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With the company's own production facilities, competent experts and optimal technical equipment, the highest quality of system products is guaranteed.

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It all started with rail profiles made from all kinds of materials. Today the product portfolio includes much more, such as heating systems and drainage solutions.

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Secure waterproofing for wet rooms – made easy with the intelligent Schlüter-KERDI polyethylene film with fleece on both sides.

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Schlüter products are always tailored to our customers' requirements. Our prefabricated KERDI-BOARD sets, for example, let you build niches quickly and easily (and optionally even with lighting).

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A range of formats and the possibility of tailoring products to individually specified dimensions – for the Schlüter team, customer service takes first place.

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The basis of success: developing clever solutions together and illuminating them from different angles.

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The modern, state-of-the-art Schlüter-WorkBox seminar centre is the venue for regular events in which an emphasis is placed on knowledge transfer.

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Schlüter-Systems is a company with activities worldwide yet is still family-owned; today it is in the hands of the second generation, headed by Marc (left) and Udo Schlüter (right).

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'Our products cannot be sold – they have to be understood'. This motto continues to underpin a diversity of product training events.

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Welcome to Schlüter-Systems: the modern administrative building at the company headquarters in Iserlohn is a real eye-catcher and is also striking for its sustainable construction.

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'Functionality meets design': this motto also applies to the interior spaces of the various buildings at Iserlohn, including the reception hall in the main building.

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To make Schlüter products easier to comprehend, a variety of product models are displayed in the various rooms of the company premises.

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In good spirits and all together: an attractive working atmosphere is conducive to inspiring meetings with exciting ideas and outcomes.

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In person or digitally, thanks to modern technology, the Schlüter team can communicate anywhere and can also break out into smaller exchange groups.

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The development of young talent is growing ever more important. Interested young people can opt for both an apprenticeship and a degree programme with Schlüter-Systems – naturally equipped with the best technology.

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Precision, attention and experience are the A and O for the proper operation of the systems in the company's in-house production and logic centres.

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As rolled goods, the Schlüter-DITRA is suitable for being shouldered, transported and lightly modified alone.

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An optimally organised warehouse with digital networking is an important element for satisfied customers and employees and for the success of the company.

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In the in-house production facility the individual processes are perfectly intermeshed. Experienced employees know exactly how to operate the various systems.

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Customer orders are always processed fast, reliably and in good spirit, ensuring that the ordered goods can be provided at the required time.

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Thanks to integrated cable hoists, order picking runs exceptionally smoothly even for larger orders. This enables profiles in different lengths and many other products to be reliably sorted and supplied.

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A good atmosphere prevails in all divisions of Schlüter-Systems, and of course particularly when there is cooperation with colleagues from other areas.

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The trapezoidal perforation in the joint spacer is a defining shape for Schlüter profiles, of which the tradition goes back several decades.

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Whether stainless steel, aluminium or brass, Schlüter-Systems products are based on high-quality materials and guarantee outstanding quality.

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Optimum preparation for coating individual Schlüter profiles: here, human and machine are in complete harmony.

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The idea of the 'Schiene'

During a construction project in the mid-1970s, Werner Schlüter found himself facing the challenge of laying Florentine mosaic tiles neatly in a bathroom. Normally, the exposed edges of these tiles were prone to spalling and breakage.

Werner Schlüter concluded that an L-shaped bracket in metal, fitted before the tiles were laid, would not only serve as protection for the edges but would also cover the unglazed edges and create a smooth and clean transition to the adjacent areas.

No suitable product yet existed on the market, so he, with the aid of a toolmaker friend, developed the first tile moulding strip. The Schlüter-SCHIENE was later patented and put onto the market.

Outstanding product diversity

Today, hundreds of millions of metres of Schlüter-SCHIENE have been installed by tilers all over the world. Since the SCHIENE was invented, the product palette has been steadily expanded, today comprising over 10,000 products in the following categories:

Focus on customer service

From CAD drawings through to checking the overall design to on-site support: we at Schlüter-Systems are ready at your side at any time, from the start of your project to its conclusion.

We also offer comprehensive support in the areas of sales, technology, training and marketing. We therefore work equally closely with distributors, bathroom showrooms, tilers, architects and interior designers in order to provide the best possible customer service and to always make an active contribution to ensuring long-lasting installations.

'Our products cannot be sold – they have to be understood'. This motto emphasises the focus on training in our special training events. In these events we show, say, how our products can be correctly integrated and what their many advantages are. The company's own training centre, known as the Schlüter-WorkBox, is ready for you at our headquarters in Iserlohn, Germany. On top of this, we are also regularly on the road in Germany and the Benelux countries with our innovative Schlüter-WorkBox Truck: WorkBox ON TOUR.

Profile of innovation: a portrait of our company

Chronicle of company history


Company is founded and relocated

Werner Schlüter working on clever solutions © Schlueter-Systems

Werner Schlüter opens his company, Fliesen-Schlüter, in Saerbeck in the Münsterland region. Tinkering and working on details resulting from daily work has been a part of life in the company from the outset.

Just two years later the young company moves to Iserlohn, where the company headquarters remains to this day.


Introduction of a classic product: Schlüter-SCHIENE

Model with the Schlüter-SCHIENE © Schlueter-Systems

Werner Schlüter develops the Schlüter-SCHIENE and begins production and distribution of what has remained a classic to this day, in the five heights M60, M80, M100, M125 and M150 in brass.

The first SCHIENE products in aluminium and anodised aluminium enter the range just a year later – including the additional profile heights of 17.5, 20 and 22 millimetres.


Three new product ranges for different areas in one year

Three new product series are launched on the market: Schlüter-BARA for elegant covering of the edges of balcony structures, Schlüter-TREP for protection of the edges of steps and Schlüter-REMA to provide concealed access panels in tile coverings.


Developments and presentation of a new smart product solution

The attractive and functional Schlüter-JOLLY profile, in coloured coated aluminium or coloured plastic, solves the problem of unglazed tile edges on wall coverings.

And the Schlüter-SCHIENE also gets a new cross-section, a new patent and the trapezoidal hole pattern in the anchoring leg.


Division into two companies

What was previously registered as a single company, Fliesen-Schlüter, is divided into two: Schlüter-Schiene GmbH and Fliesen-Schlüter GmbH.


Presentation of a surface drainage system for outdoor areas

With Schlüter-TROBA, Schlüter creates surface drainage for balconies and, combined with the Schlüter-BARA balcony system, creates the basis for functionally reliable coverings on balconies and terraces.



With the Schlüter-DILEX profile series, movement joints can be created that are maintenance-free over the long term.


First subsidiary

A first own subsidiary is established as Schluter-Systems L.P. in the USA.


In the same year, Schlüter invents two more successful products

Schlüter-DITRA becomes the universal substrate for uncoupling, waterproofing and vapour pressure equalisation. Schlüter-KERDI, a plastic panel coated with fleece on both sides, establishes itself as a bonded waterproofing system for tiles and slabs on floor and wall coverings.


Foreign subsidiary in Turkey

The foreign subsidiary in Turkey is established with its headquarters in Istanbul.


Renaming, enlargement and Schlüter-RONDEC

Photo of a new building at the headquarters in Iserlohn © Schlueter-Systems

Schlüter is now renamed Schlüter-Systems – and at the same time the company's premises grow to 6500 m, including new administrative and production buildings. And Schlüter-RONDEC, a finishing profile for external wall corners that is at once functional and elegant, comes onto the market.


More subsidiaries and Schlüter-RENO

Schlüter-RENO now solves the problem of joining floor coverings of different heights. Meanwhile the Canadian subsidiary is established near Montréal and another Schlüter subsidiary is formed in Onda, in the Castelló region of Spain.


Foreign subsidiaries in Europe

The UK subsidiary is established in Coalville, Leicestershire. And in Villeneuve sur Verberie, 30 km from Paris, the French subsidiary is founded. 


Italian subsidiary

Schlüter-Systems also establishes an own subsidiary at Fiorano Modenese near Maranello in Italy.


Specialist training

The company creates a space with its own communications and training centre for events and seminars for customers, partners and employees.



Schlüter-BEKOTEC arrives: an innovative, patented construction system for coverings over insulating courses and floor heating systems. The KERDI-DRAIN floor drain with bonding flange for joining to KERDI bonded waterproofing is also launched.


New company structure

Schlüter-Systems is restructured and becomes Schlüter-Systems KG.



The Schlüter-Schiene is equipped with the patented joint spacer – which ensures simple, uniform joints.



All heating components for the innovative, energy-saving Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM ceramic thermal comfort floor with low installation height are added to the product portfolio.



The waterproofing range is completed with Schlüter-KERDI-COLL – now sealing sheets, sealing tapes and sealant adhesives are all available from one supplier. With Schlüter-DITRA-DRAIN the company presents a passive capillary bonded drainage and uncoupling system for ceramics and natural stone, indoors and outdoors.


New generation

Photo of Marc and Udo Schlüter with their parents © Schlueter-Systems

Marc and Udo Schlüter become the directors of the company.



KERDI-BOARD is presented as an innovative installation substrate for tiles and slabs.



A modular system for building floor-level showers appears on the market: Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER. Just a year later, the range is expanded with Schlüter-KERDI-LINE to include linear drainage and matching sloped profiles.



Photo of a new administration building in Canada © Schlueter-Systems

The new administrative building in Montréal, Canada sets new standards. It is awarded LEED Gold certification for its sustainable design and also the Award for Excellence in Architecture.



Let there be light! At the BAU trade fair, Schlüter-Systems presents a complete system of LED-illuminated profiles for the first time: Schlüter-LIPROTEC. In addition, an electric radiant panel heating system for floors and walls came onto the market that also provides uncoupling: DITRA-HEAT-E.


Schlüter-Schiene-ES and WorkBox

With Schlüter-Schiene-ES, a stainless steel version with the joint spacer of this now long-established product is available for the first time. Construction of the Schlüter-WorkBox, a new and ultra-modern seminar centre at Iserlohn, is completed.


Schlüter-TRENDLINE, award and anniversary

Photo of the WorkBox training centre based at Iserlohn © Schlueter-Systems

With Schlüter-TRENDLINE, many new profile finishes arrive on the market. And the WorkBox seminar centre receives the Platinum award from DGNB (the German sustainable building council) – and the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Certification of the OrangeBox

Photo of a modern seminar and exhibition building © Schlueter-Systems

The OrangeBox is inaugurated at Onda in Spain: an ultra-modern seminar and exhibition space that was the first renovated building in the region to receive passive building certification. 



Schlüter-TROBA-LEVEL is presented – an intelligent system for rapid and reliable loose laying of self-supporting slab elements in outdoor areas. Schlüter-SHELF now also offers practical yet stylish shelving for tiled areas.


New products, new building and TV advertising

With Schlüter-DECO-SG, a shadow joint profile for glass elements in the floor and wall areas of showers enters the market. And Schlüter-VINPRO, the first Schlüter profiles specially for elastic floor coverings, makes its premiere. In addition, a new administration building at Iserlohn with a striking 'Schlüter Look' facade is opened. And Schlüter TV ads are shown for the first time - during the peak viewing period, shortly before the 'Tagesschau' news bulletin.


New centre in Texas, USA

Schlüter-Systems opens a new and modern training and logistics centre in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.



Linear drainage had never been so flexible: Schlüter-Systems presents KERDI-LINE-VARIO. In addition, Schlüter-JOLLY now offers a 90° angle for improved ease of working – clever design from a new angle.


Schlüter-FINEC-SQ and MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems

New options for colour finishes: with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems, profiles and shelves can be finished in any of 190 RAL colours. Meanwhile, Schlüter-FINEC-SQ provides a particularly neat finish to external wall corners.

MyDesign – RAL colours FINEC-SQ

New products and new website

Knowingly adapting to specific tile designs or setting accents: Schlüter-Systems prints your chosen visual design onto selected profiles. With Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W an individual washbasin solution is also available that thanks to prefabricated elements is easy to implement. And: the company's website is relaunched in a fresh design with clear navigation, ample product information and inspiring application examples.

KERDI-BOARD-W MyDesign – Printing