‘The Broadway’: high-class flats in the heart of London

Category: Luxury flats | Location: London, England | Product used: KERDI

Bird's eye view of the ‘The Broadway’ luxury flats in London.

Schlüter service ensures a spectacular experience

The Broadway is a collection of luxury flats in the heart of London's borough of Westminster. The building complex is located on the former premises of the Metropolitan Police headquarters and is just a short walk from Victoria Station. With an area of 1.72 hectares, The Broadway is one of the largest prime residential properties in London's city centre. It consists of six imposing towers that have an eye-catching architectural presence with their bold, oversized windows inspired by the neighbouring Art Deco buildings.

Bathroom in ‘The Broadway’ with free-standing bathtub and two wall-mounted washbasins. ©INFO@TARANWILKHU.COM

Bathroom design in an elegant, timeless design with a free-standing bathtub.

Modern bathroom with wall-mounted washbasin, toilet and bathtub. ©photo@simonmigaj.com

Functional and chic: even bathrooms in smaller spaces were elegantly designed at The Broadway.

Living room flooded with light from large windows in one flat in The Broadway building complex ©INFO@TARANWILKHU.COM

Living room flooded with light from large windows in one of the luxury flats in The Broadway.

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Bathroom in ‘The Broadway’ with free-standing bathtub and two wall-mounted washbasins.
Modern bathroom with wall-mounted washbasin, toilet and bathtub.
Living room flooded with light from large windows in one flat in The Broadway building complex

First-class products – complemented by competent service

Thanks to the prestigious architectural office Squire and Partners and the general contractor Multiplex, the project was materialised on a blank canvas. The Northacre construction company remained true to its original vision and made sure that the mixed use project included 16,000 square metres of health and wellness facilities plus 116,000 square metres of office space, 27,000 square metres of retail space as well as 258 premium, modern flats.

Schlüter-Systems provided its entire product system to ensure that the highly specialised bathrooms, in which more than 22,000 tonnes of Italian marble were installed, were fully waterproofed by KERDI products. The products were just one piece of the puzzle, however. Over a time period of several years, our Schlüter experts offered a comprehensive support package to all the parties involved, in particular Modular Interiors, the contractor for interior construction. This included the reviewing of technical drawings, recommendations for waterproofing, personalised training, help in creating a showroom as well as ongoing support to ensure no detail remained unchecked. Regular site visits by Schlüter-Systems were also offered to ensure that the required quality of installation was maintained during the entire programme.

Service, support and training on demand

Lee Kerswell, Project Manager at Modular Interiors, found the support to be invaluable: "Collaborating with the Schlüter team on this project was a really positive experience. Support was always available and we appreciated their flexibility and rapid responses during the Covid pandemic. They accompanied us on our trip and worked well together with our team. The personalised training we received was invaluable and their contribution to the showroom we created was crucial. Replicating some of the complex details enabled us to identify small things that needed to be adapted, and the creation of procedural instructions helped us with the sequence of work on site."

The time that we invested in this early phase definitely saved us time for the entire programme. Also the site visits carried out by Schlüter went smoothly: they adapted the timetable to suit our requirements and gave us the assurance that the installation was going as planned.

Lee Kerswell

It is important to provide this kind of support, but sometimes it can fall on deaf ears. Luckily, all of those involved in The Broadway were convinced of the systematic approach in using our products and appreciated its importance. Tom Francis, Technical Support Consultant at Schlüter-Systems UK, was part of the team that supported the project:

"One of the main objectives of our services is to recognise and resolve potential problems before they occur on the construction site. The team from Modular Interiors was hardworking and very open to working together with us. We discovered a potential problem in the planning phase, which we were able to solve by working together with the Modular team to create drawings and procedural instructions. The reality on site can highlight other potential problems or raise questions, so my fortnightly visits to the site meant that the team there had someone to talk to. I developed good relationships with the project managers (who were different for each building) and who called me between the visits so we could quickly clarify their questions. This made the entire process straightforward and hassle-free for all those involved."

The strong relationship between Modular Interiors and Schlüter-Systems plus the comprehensive product guarantees provide us with the certainty that the products and their installation are of the highest quality.

Jan Trbizan

Close collaboration with all project partners

A passion for detail is part of Northacre’s DNA and it was of the greatest importance that this was not lost in such a large project. Jan Trbizan, Design and Technical Director at Northacre, explains: "The Broadway was a tremendous success but, as in every project of this size, there were challenges here, too. The procurement process was complex, so we tried to simplify the supply chain as far as possible and manage possible risks. We worked together with reliable partners at all levels of the project and it was important for us that our contractors and suppliers worked hand-in-hand."

To say that working on this project was a dream for Schlüter is not an understatement. David Villafuerte, Area Specification Consultant at Schlüter-Systems UK, summarised:

"The combination of consistent communication between all the parties involved, the hardworking ethos of Modular Interiors and the comprehensive support package that we were able to offer together with our quality systems meant that this was a fantastic project for us to be involved in. I hope that the residents of The Broadway will continue to enjoy their flats for decades to come."

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