Schlüter-TRENDLINE colours

From a country house to Bauhaus: profiles, wall shelves and shower channels with Schlüter-TRENDLINE coloured textured coatings match your design scheme perfectly.

Profiles with Schlüter-TRENDLINE textured coatings are the perfect addition to high-quality tile coverings.

Textured finishes for today's tile trends.

Schlüter-TRENDLINE is the name for our coloured textured coatings for the finishing of aluminium and stainless steel surfaces. The combination of modern colour tones and a high-quality powder coating makes the products in TRENDLINE designs both visually and haptically a memorable experience. Up to ten attractive colours plus matte graphite black and matte brilliant white are currently available for numerous products.

Striking yet discreet finishing profiles

Finishing of a half-height tile covering with a Schlüter-JOLLY profile in stone grey textured finish © Schlueter-Systems
Visually and tactically matched to the covering: the finishing of this half-height tile backsplash with a Schlüter-JOLLY-TS in stone grey textured finish.

Whether you intend a vintage look, wood and concrete or an elegant greige, the ten TRENDLINE finishes are the perfect addition to high-quality tile coverings. They pick up on various design trends in colour terms and achieve an impressive visual relationship between profile and tiling. All ten surface finish variants feature a special textured powder-coating that combines attractive colours with a superior aesthetic experience.

The result is finishing profiles that are real lookers – and can provide either a tone-in-tone harmony or act as high-contrast eye-catchers in your bathroom, as you wish.

In addition to our established SCHIENE, QUADEC, RONDEC and JOLLY profile series, the elegant Schlüter-FINEC and FINEC-SQ profiles as well as our decorative U-shaped profile Schlüter-DECO-SG are now also available in TRENDLINE design. Various height and length combinations can be chosen from – an overview is available in the data sheets of the various products and in our current price lists.

Tiled base with a textured Schlüter-JOLLY-TS profile in dark anthracite


Finishing profile in 90° angle in aluminium for external wall corners, tiled skirtings and tiled edges. Both profile and corners are available with TRENDLINE finish.

Wall shelf with light tile covering and colour-matched Schlüter-RONDEC-TS profile with TRENDLINE finish


Both the rounded aluminium profile of the external wall corners and edges of tiled coverings and also the appropriate external and internal corners are available with TRENDLINE textured finish.

Brown tiled washbasin unit with matching Schlüter-QUADEC-TS finishing profile in textured bronze


The aluminium finishing profile with integrated joint spacer creates rectangular, cuboid finishes to external wall corners and tiled coverings. Both profile and corners are available with TRENDLINE finish.

Wall shelf with tile mosaic and Schlüter-FINEC finishing profile in bronze


Decorative finishing profile in aluminium for narrow external edges of tiled coverings, glass mosaics or plaster and filler surfaces. Both profile and corners are available with TRENDLINE finish.

Light tiled shelf with FINEC-SQ-TS finishing profile finished in black


Elegant aluminium profile for narrow, square corner formation with a 4.5 mm wide exposed edge. For suitably finished external corners, the QUADEC-TS/EV corner pieces in height 4.5 mm can be used.

Covering finish on floor between tilework and carpet with a Schlüter-SCHIENE-TS in dark anthracite-finish


The 87° angle profile in aluminium with joint spacer is suitable for, among other things, skirtings and tiled edges and thus also brings the attractive TRENDLINE look to the floor.


U-shaped aluminium profile with TRENDLINE coating for decorative joint design in tiled areas.

Discreet, maintenance-free internal wall corners

Floor-level shower with colour-matched internal wall corners formed with the DILEX-AHK-TS cove shaped profile © Schlueter-Systems
Discreet and easy to care for: the Schlüter-DILEX-AHK-TS in TRENDLINE textured finish as an internal wall corner for this floor-level shower.

The Schlüter-DILEX-AHK cove shaped profile is a classic hidden champion of its kind: often overlooked, yet simply unbeatable for achieving discreet, easy-care internal wall corners. This is perhaps in its nature, as it makes floor-wall transitions in tiled areas maintenance-free and almost invisible – particularly if it is chosen to match the tiling in the TRENDLINE finishes ivory, stone grey or dark anthracite.

With Schlüter-DILEX-AHK-TS you thus kill two birds with one stone, avoiding the buildup of dirt in corners while harmonising the interior spaces in your bathroom or kitchen. The profiles form a symmetrically curved internal corner for the tile coverings and are suitable for all internal wall corners, kitchen countertops and shelving with ceramic tile coverings. Irrespective of the covering designs you choose when planning, you are sure to find the right complement in this cove shaped profile with its three available TRENDLINE finishes.

Timeless drainage with an elegant look

Tiled washbasin unit in ivory with matching textured KERDI-LINE-VARIO linear drainage © Schlueter-Systems
Functional and shapely: the Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO in the WAVE design drains water away via a covered drain opening, and thanks to its TRENDLINE finish it matches the covering perfectly.

Our versatile and adaptable Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO shower channel contains high-performing KERDI drainage technology and a rotatable outlet housing for maximum variability and reliability. And yet the two timeless designs, COVE and WAVE, also look great – and never more so than when they are combined to match your tiling colour scheme in one of the TRENDLINE finishes. Both design variants are available in eight high-quality textured finishes and make not just your floor-level shower but also the individual Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W washbasin unit a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. 

If you prefer to set an accent, the grate and frame sets in our Schlüter-KERDI-LINE linear drains are the right choice, in variants A, B or C. These three products are available in matte graphite black and combine attractive profile frames with timeless coverings. If you wish, you can also have grates and/or frames with your own individual engraving.

Both channels work perfectly with the other system products in TRENDLINE finishes: the Schlüter-SHOWERPROFILE-R wall connecting profile to cover the wall area above the linear drain and the Schlüter-SHOWERPROFILE-S sloped profile for covering the side panels.

Shower drainage channel with Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO in the Cove design with grey TRENDLINE finish


This cove-shaped drainage profile can be cut to length, provides discreet drainage in floor-level showers and thanks to its TRENDLINE finish makes a harmonious match to your tilework.

Tiled shower in light grey with colour-matched, texture-finished KERDI-LINE-VARIO linear drainage element


The W-shaped drainage profile can be cut to length and provides high functionality – along with modern design thanks to its TRENDLINE powder coating in attractive colour nuances.

Shower with KERDI-LINE-A drainage channel in matte black


This grate and frame combination with its timeless covering in the SOLID design and matte graphite black not only provides reliable linear drainage but also gives an expressive accentuation of colour.

Shower with KERDI-LINE-B drainage channel in matte black


For the profile frame and appropriate covering in the SQUARE design you can choose from 14 lengths, from 50 cm to 180 cm – and between highly-polished and brushed or matte graphite black powder-coated stainless steel.

Shower with KERDI-LINE-C drainage channel in matte black


The most discreet of our grate and frame combinations, in the FRAMED TILE design, literally puts the tiling at the heart of the drainage system.

A corner in a grey tiled shower with shower channel, sloped profile and wall connecting profile in matte black


The sloped profile with 2% slope can be cut to length and is available in nine TRENDLINE structured finishes. It not only reliably covers the side panels of your floor-level shower but also fits harmoniously into the look.

A corner in a grey tiled shower with shower channel, sloped profile and wall connecting profile in matte black


The two-part wall connection profile allows the wall area left uncovered above the linear drain due to the slope to be reliably covered and thanks to the TRENDLINE surface, it matches the covering perfectly.

Attractively shaped storage areas with textured finish

Shower with storage areas and drainage in matte graphite black © Schlueter-Systems
Matching, contrast-rich niche surround, drainage channel and SHELF storage areas have been selected in this floor-level shower in matte graphite black.

Five shapes, five designs, nine finishes: the Schlüter-SHELF offers unending design opportunities and provides a practical storage space in any area where tilework is either being laid or is already present. The wall shelves in the FLORAL, CURVE, PURE, SQUARE and WAVE designs can be fitted into the tile joints and are ideally suited to showers – though can just as well be integrated into the tile backsplash of your kitchen.

Whether you seek classic elegance or tone-on-tone to match the colour of your tiles and joints, our SHELF shower shelves in their different materials offer the right solution for every style. For a trendy look, choose the SHELF shelving that suits your design scheme in the TRENDLINE finishes of ivory, cream, grey, stone grey, beige grey, bronze or dark anthracite. For a high-contrast appearance, both the version in brushed stainless steel and also versions in matte graphite black and matte brilliant white are available. Even more colour choice is available thanks to MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems: this allows you to have your SHELF-shelving finished in your choice of colour from a selection of 190 shades of the RAL CLASSIC palette.

TRENDLINE design schemes

Wood tiles, concrete look, vintage look – Schlüter-TRENDLINE always has the right match. The colour nuances are inspired by current interior design trends and offer you unlimited design possibilities. And this is so whether you wish to round off your living spaces tone in tone or seek to provide decorative contrasts, whether you design in straight lines or seek to create warm atmospheres. Ten colour variants plus matte black and matte white leave your creativity no limits.

Let yourself be inspired – discover the various design approaches and possibilities for combination!

© Atlas Concorde

Wood look

Natural elegance or the romance of a country cabin: TRENDLINE finishes go perfectly with wood tiling – and also with parquet, laminate and vinyl floors.

A table in a restaurant with light-coloured tiling, with profiles in contrasting TRENDLINE finishes © Atlas Concorde


From timeless elegance to a Mediterranean ambience, with TRENDLINE finishes, tone-in-tone designs are as stylish as attractive contrasts.

Wellness area with a bench finished in metal-look tiles and a white longer © Villeroy & Boch, V & B Fliesen GmbH

Metal look

Vintage look and industrial design: changing finishes in a metal look create a unique atmosphere in which profiles with the appropriate TRENDLINE finishes blend perfectly.

Bathroom in a hotel with black and white elements © Atlas Concorde

Black and White

Classic colours reinterpreted: the matte finishes in brilliant white and graphite black match well with both classic tilework and contemporary developments.

Washbasin unit in a bathroom with concrete-look tiling and matching edge profiles with light grey TRENDLINE finish © Schlueter-Systems

Concrete look

Classic chic or purist minimalism – wall and floor coverings in a concrete look provide many design possibilities and are perfectly framed by profiles with TRENDLINE finishes.

© Schlueter-Systems

Material combinations

The best of several worlds: in this bathroom, the purist concrete surfaces of matte black elements are accentuated and accompanied by a wall covering with wood decor to create a Nordic-urban ambiance.

The right colour for every design trend

The colour spectrum of Schlüter-TRENDLINE currently includes ten powder coatings in finely nuanced gradations that you can recognise by the abbreviation TS at the start of the colour designation. Every TRENDLINE colour is based on multiple pigments combined that lend the finish its vivid character. At the same time, these pigments are also responsible for the structured haptics of TRENDLINE finishes.

In addition to the ten powder coatings, we also include the colours matte graphite black (MGS) and matte brilliant white (MBW) in the TRENDLINE colour spectrum. These also feature a lightly textured finish that nevertheless for technical reasons is less grainy and more pure monochrome in its effect.

Note: Representation of these finishes on screen may not reproduce the colours and surfaces with complete accuracy. We recommend that commercial customers order the pattern chain for the desired product from our internal or field service sections and use this to select the desired finish while viewing the installation site in daylight.

© Schlueter-Systems
Good to recognise: the haptic structure and nuanced colour pigmentation of the ten TRENDLINE finishes.
© Schlueter-Systems
TSI – Ivory, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSSG – Stone grey, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSDA – Dark anthracite, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSC – Cream, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSG – Grey, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSR – Rustic brown, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSBG – Beige grey, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSOB – Bronze, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
MBW – Matte brilliant white
© Schlueter-Systems
TSB – Beige, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
TSLA – Light anthracite, textured
© Schlueter-Systems
MGS – Matte graphite black

You can find even more inspiration in our prospectus: