Turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking for trims for wall or floor tiles, water-fed or electric underfloor heating, barrier-free bathrooms or wetrooms, products from Schlüter-Systems offer you many possibilities to turn a house into your feel-good home.

Are you planning to build, refurb or renovate your own home?

Tile and stone are a beautiful choice for many areas of the home and, having made the investment, you want them to truly shine and stand the test of time. This is where we can help, with a variety of solutions to prevent cracks, protect edges and add warmth. Discover some of the benefits of choosing Schlüter-Systems on this page.

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Why tiles?

For over 55 years, we have been enthusiastic about tiles as floor and wall coverings. They have many advantages, such as their durability and longevity which means they look fantastic for many years to come. They are resistant to wear, damage, dirt and moisture as well as being easy to clean, which makes life easier. They do not contain any allergens or nasty materials, helping to create a healthier environment. The variety of designs, colours and textures means that tiles suit any style of home.

We believe that all tile and stone installations should be beautiful and stand the test of time. Our products ensure this happens and you can rely on them for their high quality, reliability and performance. They look the part too, with stylish and design-led options available in products such as shelves and shower drains.

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Rely less on oil & gas

Increase your energy efficiency with our products and become less dependent on fossil fuels. Protect the environment and your wallet at the same time.

Due to the lower flow temperatures, we recommend using water-fed underfloor heating as the primary heat source instead of traditional radiators. Tiles are the ideal heat transfer medium for this. In addition, insulation ensures optimal heat-up response. The combination of these elements creates our energy-saving BEKOTEC-THERM ceramic climate floor, which guarantees you warm feet in winter and a cool climate in summer!

If you just need a little warmth in the bathroom in the morning before you leave the house, our DITRA-HEAT-E electric system for comfort heating not only ensures feel-good zones, but also increases your energy efficiency by not having to switch on your central heating until later.

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Save time & enjoy your new home sooner

Our systems are designed for professionals, by professionals, meaning they really deliver when it comes to saving time and being easy to install. This means you can move into your home as soon as possible.

For example, have you been told that you have to let your screed rest for 30 days? Not with us! With our BEKOTEC system, you have a fast-drying screed solution that can be used after only a short time, saving up to four weeks of construction time.

Due to the special construction of the system, tiles can be installed as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight. This eliminates long waiting times for drying the screed. Since the thinner screed requires much less material, the final construction is lighter and lower than conventional installations, saving considerable construction time.

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