Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-NLT  Niche set with LED lighting

The prefabricated niche sets made of KERDI-BOARD with plug-and-play LIPROTEC-LED technology are an ideal combination of functionality and design. Not only can you choose from five different dimensions, but you can also define the light colours and select the position of the LED strips. When integrated into the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing system, KERDI-BOARD-NLT also functions as a bonded waterproofing assembly.

  • Walls in interior spaces
  • Shower walls
  • Low assembly height
  • plug-and-play
  • Available as a set
  • IP X7
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Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 3©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 1
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 2
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 3
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 4
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 5
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 6
Product image KERDI-BOARD-NLT 7
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 1
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 2
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 3
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 4
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 5
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 6
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 7
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 8
Illustration KERDI-BOARD-NLT 9

General product information

What this product does

The prefabricated Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-NLT sets with LIPROTEC technology enable the installation of illuminated niches in wall areas of all kinds. Matching Bluetooth controls are included in the scope of supply.

The niches are available in various dimensions and light colours.

Within the niche, the supplied LED modules can be positioned at the front edge, in the centre or at the rear to work with where the tile falls or where the light is wanted. For this purpose, the LED modules are available with plug-and-play connections in varying lengths.

Request a product data sheet in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2015 here:

How to install this product

Installation in Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD:

  1. After positioning and precise marking of the outer niche dimensions, cut the corresponding opening in the wall covering.
  2. Attach the inserted niche with wood or installation screws, depending on the material of the substrate. The maximum spacing of screws is 250 mm. Use the KERDI-BOARD-ZT washers. Screws must be set into the joints of the abutting joints.

    For additional fastening, the adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-FIX can be applied on the perimeter edge of the niche.

  3. If the material is installed in a wetroom, the seams around the outer edge must be covered using Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L and the supplied KERDI waterproofing collar.

Installation in plasterboard or other panelling:

  1. After positioning and precise marking of the outer niche dimensions, cut the corresponding opening in the wall covering.
  2. Attach the inserted niche with wood or installation screws, depending on the material of the substrate. The maximum spacing of screws is 250 mm. Set the screws through the niche flanges (spacing approx. 6 mm from the outer edge).

    For additional fastening, the adhesive KERDI-FIX can be applied on the perimeter edge of the niche.

  3. Wall areas located in high-moisture areas must be waterproofed with Schlüter-KERDI. Adhere the supplied KERDI waterproofing collar on the flanges of the niche with KERDI-COLL-L. A suitable tile adhesive can be used for the remainder of the wall area (see product data sheet 8.1 for notes on installing Schlüter-KERDI). Then cut the KERDI membrane in the area of the niche insert.


The following installation notes must be observed when using niches with additional adjustable shelves:

Start by marking the desired position along the lower edge of the adjustable shelf.

Fully embed the tiles in the front and lateral areas of the niche with tile adhesive. To install the adjustable shelf, apply tile adhesive on the sides and rear of the shelf and fit them into the niche so they are supported by the previously installed tiles.

Recommendation: For installations in wetrooms, install the adjustable shelf with a slight slope toward the front. As an alternative, you can install the tiles at a slight slope. This ensures that no water can accumulate in the niche during use.


  1. Install the niche as described above. Prior to inserting the niche, connect the plug-and-play cable (lead-out to lead-in).
  2. Please refer to the corresponding operating instructions for installing the cable connections, the power supply and the control.
  3. The cap of the pass-through socket can be easily split at a designated point to position the cable as required.
  4. Place the cap or the parts of the cap into the pass-through socket so that the cable can be connected to the receptacle profile.
  5. Adhere the self-adhesive KERDI waterproofing strip to effectively seal the opening around the lead-out cable on both sides. Cut a small opening in the self-adhesive KERDI waterproofing membrane for the lead out cables; this prevents the adhesive from getting into the socket behind.
  6. Apply tile adhesive with a notched trowel.
  7. Feed the cable through the cable opening of the receptacle profile.
  8. Press the trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg of the profile into the adhesive and align it.
  9. Firmly press the adjoining tiles into place and align them in such a way that they are flush with the upper profile edge. All tiles in the profile area must be solidly embedded.
  10. Leave a joint of approximately 1.5 mm between the receptacle profile and the tile and completely fill the space with grout.
  11. Make sure the tiles and adhesive do not exceed 12 mm when tiling the side walls.
  12. The RGB+W LED tube can be cut to size depending on the opening of the tiled niche.
  13. Plug the LED tube into the lead out cable and carefully press it into the receptacle profile.

What this product is made from

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-NLT is a panel made of extruded rigid XPS foam with a thickness of 12.5 mm, which is laminated with a special, cement-free reinforcement material and a fleece fabric on both sides for effective anchoring of cementitious tile adhesives or rendered covering materials. The upper face of the board is imprinted with 10 x 10 mm gridlines.

Material properties and areas of application

KERDI-BOARD-NLT is waterproof and resistant to any chemical stresses that typically occur in conjunction with tiled coverings. Where required, a certified bonded waterproofing assembly can be created with Schlüter-KERDI or -KERDI-BOARD.

KERDI-BOARD-NLT is completely level and will not warp in response to temperature and moisture fluctuations on one side. The material is age-resistant and highly durable.

KERDI-BOARD-NLT is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Substrates must be checked for sufficient stability and other project-related requirements.

In certain cases, the suitability of the Schlüter-LIPROTEC modules must be verified, based on the anticipated chemical or mechanical stresses. The information provided below is intended as a general guideline.

Anodised aluminium: The aluminium features an anodised finish that retains a uniform appearance during normal use.

Aluminium is sensitive to alkaline media.

Cementitious materials, in conjunction with moisture, become alkaline, which may result in corrosion depending on the concentration and length of exposure (aluminium hydroxide formation).

Remove adhesive or grout immediately from visible areas and don't cover freshly installed assemblies with a protective foil.

How to look after this product

Store KERDI-BOARD on a flat surface or in another suitable form. When stored outside, the product must be protected against direct sun exposure and weather.

Schlüter-LIPROTEC modules do not need special maintenance or care. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on the sensitive surfaces. Damage to the anodised surfaces can be restored with paint.

All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid, as well as naphtha (ingredient of silicone removers).