Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE  W-shaped drainage profile, suitable for cutting to size

KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE combines modern design with outstanding functionality. This W-shaped drainage profile is available in lengths of 120 cm and 180 cm and can be variably cut to size at both ends as needed. You can choose between powder coated aluminium versions in the popular TRENDLINE finishes and brushed stainless steel V4A.

KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE can also be ordered with different intermediate opening widths (WAVE 34 and WAVE 42), depending on the required drain capacity. The profile is ideally suited for combination with the drainage set KERDI-LINE-VARIO-H.

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Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE 1
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE 2
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE 3
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE 4
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE 5
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General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO is a flexible, multi-piece, linear drainage system for creating floor level showers with ceramic tiles or natural stone.

The two-piece horizontal KERDI-LINE-VARIO drain unit comprises a drain body and a drain adapter. The drain body consists of an ultra slim, wave-shaped drain that is rotatable by 360° and a built-in odour trap. The wave-shaped design achieves a high flow rate within the floor drain, which results in a self-cleaning effect.

The sound insulation membrane included in the set reliably prevents specific sound transmission of the drain body to the surrounding wall or floor structures and serves as a positioning aid for direct installation in a wall.

To guarantee an especially low assembly height, the drain adapter of KERDI-LINE-VARIO-H40 with integrated Schlüter-KERDI-FLEX collar comes fully inserted into the sealed wave-shaped drain and is secured with a clamping ring. The wave-shaped drain can be rotated by 360° when the clamping ring is released, which makes the drainage system adaptable to any connection configuration in the existing building.

The drain adapter of KERDI-LINE-VARIO-H50 can be individually cut to size to match the structural requirements on site.

Two design drainage profiles are available for KERDI-LINE-VARIO. These can be individually cut to size, are height adjustable and are shipped with two matching end caps.

Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO-COVE is a cove-shaped drainage profile that can be flexibly cut to size. It features a visible 8 mm wide drainage opening in a length of 140 mm. It is available in brushed stainless steel V4A or powder coated aluminium with a textured TRENDLINE finish and can be ordered in lengths of 120 cm and 180 cm.

Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE is a W-shaped drainage profile, which can be individually cut to size. It is also available in brushed stainless steel V4A or powder coated aluminium with a textured TRENDLINE finish and can be ordered in lengths of 120 cm and 180 cm.

The aluminium version is available in two profile widths, 34 mm and 42 mm. In the narrower version, the drain opening in the centre is only 14 mm wide and 140 mm long. The drain opening of the 42 mm wide version is 20 mm wide and 140 mm long, which offers sufficient space for inserting an optionally available hair trap.

The stainless steel version with a profile width of 42 mm features a drain opening that is 25 mm wide and 140 mm long. It also has sufficient space for inserting an optionally available hair trap.

All profile versions of KERDI-LINE-VARIO WAVE feature a visible drain opening which can be concealed from view with a removable panel.

The pre-adhered elasticated KERDI collar integrated into the drain adapter ensures the reliable connection of the drain body to the bonded waterproofing assembly, both in the floor area and on upright walls. It is secured by a transparent protective lid during installation.

In conjunction with the waterproofing systems Schlüter-KERDI, Schlüter-DITRA, Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT or Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD and the matching system adhesives Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L or Schlüter-KERDI-FIX, installers can create certified bonded waterproofing assemblies with connecting linear drainage. KERDI-LINE is a system component that complies with the German waterproofing standard DIN 18534. Together with the above-listed Schlüter-Systems it has general technical approval (abP) in Germany.

Please refer to the respective product data sheets for information about the moisture exposure classes according to abP. Schlüter-KERDI-LINE is a system component with European Technical Assessment (ETA) according to ETAG 022 (watertight covering kits). Schlüter products tested together with KERDI-LINE bear the CE mark.


Due to the variable drain construction, KERDI-LINE-VARIO requires the installation of a sloped screed. The surface of the screed must be waterproofed with DITRA (see product data sheet 6.1) or DITRA-HEAT (see product data sheet 6.4). Schlüter-SHOWERPROFILE-S and -R (see product data sheet 14.1) are supplementary components for creating a floor or wall connection. SHOWERPROFILE-S has a triangular design to conceal the sloped lateral edges of floor level showers. Waterproof the surrounding walls with KERDI (see product data sheet 8.1) or create a bonded waterproofing assembly with KERDI-BOARD (see product data sheet 12.1).


For soundproofing as specified in DIN 4109, VDI 4100, ÖNORM B 8115-2 or SIA 181, the Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-SR sound insulation panel complies with impact sound, installation noise and user noise limits in certified assembly variants of KERDI-LINE-VARIO. Please refer to our Planning Tool for further details.

How to install this product

1. Position the KERDI-LINE-VARIO drain body and adapter in the centre of the weight-bearing structure (over a suitable impact sound insulation layer if necessary; see section on soundproofing for further details). Note the materials label on the protective lid.

2. For installation against the wall, determine the wall spacing for the selected drainage profile by cutting the spacers of the protective lid (with Schlüter-PROCUT) in the matching groove. This establishes a defined distance of 11 mm from the adjacent wall (not including the wall covering).

3. For connection to the drainage pipe, use the supplied Allen key to open the clamping ring and align the drain body to match the site's structural layout.

4. Then check that the adapter is still fully inserted and re-tighten the clamping ring.

5. Recheck the desired positioning after connecting the assembly to the drain pipe. In case of uneven surfaces or for height adjustment, you can also precisely position the drain body on a levelling layer.

6. Perform a leak test.

7. Install the sloped screed (2%) of the shower floor area to create a weight bearing assembly that completely encompasses the drain body. Use the screw-attached protective lid to aid with alignment and levelling. It must be flush with the top surface of the screed.

8. Remove the protective lid once the screed surface is ready to bear weight. Apply thin-bed tile adhesive to amend any flaws in the screed.

9. Now use cementitious tile adhesive to firmly adhere DITRA 25 (recommended notched trowel size: 3 x 3 mm or 4 x 4 mm) or DITRA-HEAT (recommended notched trowel size 6 x 6 mm) to the screed surface. Tiles adhered over DITRA or DITRA-HEAT must have a size of at least 5 x 5 cm. (see also product data sheet 6.1 or 6.4)

10. To attach the KERDI collar, apply the sealing adhesive KERDI-COLL-L (see product data sheet 8.4) to the adjoining waterproofing assembly, using a 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 mm notched trowel and fully embed the KERDI collar in the adhesive. The curing time of the adhesive must be observed.

11. Create and tightly seal the wall connections with KERDI-KEBA sealing tapes and KERDI-COLL-L.

12. Apply covering materials such as tiles or natural stone. (Covering thickness must match the selected drainage profile).

13. Cut the drainage profile to size with a suitable handsaw to match the structural requirements on site, using the supplied cutting gauge (do not use an angle cutter) and de-burr the cut.

14. The set includes two end caps to createa simple and elegant finish.

15. Adjust the height of the drainage profile by filling with cementitious tile adhesive in such a way that it is flush with or just slightly below the covering surface.

What this product is made from

The KERDI-LINE-VARIO-WAVE drainage profile is made of anodised aluminium with a textured powder coating or of brushed stainless steel V4A (material no. 1.4404 = AISI 316L).

Material properties and areas of application

KERDI-LINE-VARIO drainage systems are classified as K3 according to DIN EN 1253, Gullies for buildings. This class refers to areas without vehicle traffic. Apart from the aluminium version of the WAVE profile, all drainage profiles are able to withstand wheelchair use.

Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO drainage profiles are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Product suitability must be verified in applications exposed to chemical or mechanical stresses. The information provided below is intended as a general guideline.

The drainage profiles COVE and WAVE in the brushed stainless steel V4A version (material no. 1.4404 = AISI 316L) are particularly well suited for applications that, in addition to heavy mechanical stresses, require resistance to chemicals such as acidic or alkaline media and detergents. Their application areas include bathrooms in apartments, nursing homes, hotels and schools as well as public washroom and shower facilities. Even stainless steel is not resistant to all chemical stresses, and may be affected by e.g. hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid or certain chloride and brine concentrations. In certain cases, this also applies to seawater pools. Special anticipated stresses should therefore be verified in advance.

The COVE and WAVE drainage profiles made of aluminium (textured coated aluminium) feature surfaces with a natural appearance. The aluminium is pre-treated (anodised) and powder-coated with a polyurethane covering. The colour-stable coating is UV and weather-resistant. Their application areas include bathrooms in apartments, nursing homes or hotels. Visible edges should be protected against abrasion.

How to look after this product

The set includes a special cleaning brush and cleaning cloths with instructions for simple periodic cleaning of the drainage channel and the drain area. Please refer to the cleaning instructions for further details

All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. Avoid contact with other metals, such as regular steel, to prevent corrosion.

This also includes installation tools such as trowels or steel wool, e.g. for the removal of mortar residue. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on the sensitive surfaces. We recommend the use of the stainless steel cleaning polish Schlüter-CLEAN-CP.