Schlüter-KERDI-FLEX  Flexible sealing band

Movement or expansion joints require special consideration, even when using KERDI waterproofing membranes or DITRA mats. KERDI-FLEX polyethylene band, which comes in two widths, and KERDI-COLL-L adhesive provides reliable waterproofing of these joints. The sealing band and KERDI-FIX adhesive also create a sealed connection to structural components, such as bathtubs or shower trays. The fleece surface of KERDI-FLEX ensures a reliable bond with whatever adhesive is used.

Product image KERDI-FLEX 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
Cross-section drawing KERDI-FLEX 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Product image KERDI-FLEX 1
Cross-section drawing KERDI-FLEX 1

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