Schlüter-BARA-RKLT  Angular balcony edge support profile

For a perfect finish to large pavers in combination with our elegant Schlüter-BARIN gutter system, we recommend Schlüter-BARA-RKLT. Made of colour-coated aluminium, the finishing profile is suitable for surface coverings which are either installed loosely over gravel/crushed stone or on stilted constructions such as Schlüter-TROBA-STELZ. The lower edge of the BARA-RKLT’s horizontal anchoring leg contains a T-shaped profile chamber for the attachment of the gutter system Schlüter-BARIN, which ensures correct drainage of any moisture in combination with the drainage holes.

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Product image BARA-RKLT 1
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Cross-section drawing BARA-RKLT 1

General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-BARA-RKLT creates a neat edge appearance and protects the exposed edges from shifting gravel or stone.

The vertical finishing leg extends upward, visually covering the exposed surface assembly edge.

Drainage holes, spaced at approximately 7.5 cm, are incorporated in the lower part of the anchoring leg to ensure correct drainage of any collecting seepage water.

The protruding drip lip allows for drainage of the surface water.

Specifically developed for self-supporting tiles and natural stone pavers with a thickness of 2 cm, the profiles come in 35 and 40 mm heights.

The front anchoring leg of Schlüter-BARA-RKLT features a T shaped profile chamber at the bottom edge for attaching the gutter system Schlüter-BARIN.

Elongated slots at the back of Schlüter-BARIN allow for slope adjustment during gutter installation.

How to install this product

  1. DIN waterproofing:
    The profiles must be attached to the substrate prior to installing the waterproofing assembly, for example with a cold bitumen adhesive. The waterproofing membrane can then be adhered up to the drainage openings to prevent water seepage.
    Seal the abutting joints of the profiles with the self-adhesive anchoring fleece Schlüter-BARA-HV.
    Note: The applicable standard requires a width of 150 mm for integrating materials such as zinc or copper sheets. It is therefore recommended to discuss this issue with the customer before installing Schlüter-BARA-RKL, which has a width of 110 mm.
  2. Waterproofing with Schlüter-KERDI:
    The profiles must be attached to the substrate with a suitable adhesive prior to installing the waterproofing assembly, for example with Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L. Seal the abutting joints of the profiles with the self-adhesive anchoring fleece Schlüter-BARA-HV. Next, BARA-HV is fully embedded on the anchoring legs of the profiles. Remove all substances (such as lubricants etc.) that may weaken the bond from the adhesive areas prior to applying the anchoring fleece.
    KERDI can then be adhered up to the drainage openings to prevent water seepage. Adhere KERDI to the anchoring leg with the sealing adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L.
  3. If the waterproofing has already been installed, attach the profile to the waterproofing assembly with a suitable adhesive and adjust the profile to position. Ensure that the waterproofing layer is already connected to a drip lip or gutter system.
    1. If BARA-RKLT is used as a gravel edge profile, the gravel layer is spread over the drainage mat Schlüter-TROBA or Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS and should abut the vertical profile leg just below the upper lip. The gravel or crushed stone must be contained to stabilise this edge area. The pavers are then laid loosely on top of the levelled gravel layer.
    2. In case of coverings supported by stilts such as Schlüter-TROBA-STELZ, the exterior contact points are positioned on the anchoring legs of the profiles. In a next step, the pavers are installed over the casting mould rings.
  4. Profile ends should abut with a distance of approx. 5 mm, with the gap covered by clip-on connectors. Pre-formed parts are available for internal and external corners.
  5. Once the covering is fully installed, the gutter system Schlüter-BARIN can be attached to the BARA-RKLT profile, using the supplied screws. The elongated openings allow for setting up a slope as needed.

Note: It must be assured that the drainage openings of the profiles are not fully closed during the installation.

What this product is made from

The Schlüter-BARA-RKLT profiles are available in the following material version:

  • AC = colour-coated aluminium

Material properties and areas of application

The coating of the aluminium profiles is colour-stable, as well as UV- and weather-resistant. Visible surfaces should be protected against abrasion. In special cases, the suitability of the profiles must be verified based on the anticipated chemical and mechanical stresses.

How to look after this product

Schlüter-BARA-RKL 35 and 40 are particularly suitable for pavers in a thickness of 2 cm.

Schlüter-BARA-RHA is available as a height-adjustable finishing profile made of aluminium coated in the same colour. It is inserted into the support profile and is used to finish the exposed perimeters of balconies and terraces. It is suitable for covering assemblies with individual heights up to 140 mm (see product data sheet 5.16 Schlüter-BARA-RHA). Make sure not to obstruct any existing drainage openings in the support profile when inserting BARA-RHA.

The profiles require no special maintenance or care. The powder-coated surface of the aluminium profile is colour-stable. Damaged visible surfaces can be restored with paint.