Schlüter-LIPROTEC-PEBZS  ZONES starter set

With Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ZONES, you can not only control LED elements individually, but also combine them into zones that can be controlled together. With the innovative Bluetooth Mesh technology, various light sources can be independently operated, including across extended LED assemblies. Control is via the ZONES remote control, the LIPROTEC-ERPZ rotary control or via Bluetooth using the Schlüter-LED-ZONES-CONTROL app, which you can download free of charge from the App Store and Play Store. Using intuitive menu navigation, you can programme and save individual light colours, colour sequences and time controls for automatically running lighting scenarios.

With LIPROTEC-PEBZS, you get a practical ZONES starter set with plug-and-play connections for our LIPROTEC-EASY series. Expand on this at any time with additional receivers, as required.

The set includes:

  • 2 LIPROTEC-ZONES Bluetooth Mesh receivers (LIPROTEC-PEBZR)
  • 1 x LIPROTEC-ZONES remote control with wall mount

Product image LIPROTEC-PEBZS 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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