Heating pipes (10 - 16 mm diameter)

Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM-HR is a 5-ply bonded heating pipe made of a high-quality polymer material (PE-RT) with an oxygen diffusion barrier in the centre. The highly flexible heating pipe, which complies with DIN 16833, is optimised for installation in BEKOTEC system panels. Its oxygen tightness is certified according to DIN 4726, and the product is subject to continuous quality monitoring.

  • 16 mm for BEKOTEC-EN/P and BEKOTEC-EN/PF (orange coloured pipe)
  • 14 mm for BEKOTEC-EN F (grey coloured pipe)
  • 12 mm for BEKOTEC-EN FTS (red coloured pipe)
  • 10 mm for BEKOTEC-EN FK (white coloured pipe)

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