Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W  Customisable washbasin/vanity unit

Vanities are not just functional, but also a true eye catcher in every bathroom. It is not surprising that they are becoming increasingly popular. Schlüter-Systems have created a completely customisable KERDI-BOARD element to help you build a vanity unit quickly and easily. KERDI-BOARD-W is immediately ready for tiling, is light weight and easy to handle.

The 1¼ inch connection thread included in the set is ideally suited for combination with commercially available siphons. The set also comprises KERDI components for secure waterproofing.

KERDI-BOARD-W can be combined with the KERDI-LINE-VARIO drainage profiles. The vanity unit can either be securely installed into a wall for a floating installation using seperately available brackets or fitted with stands.

Set includes:

  • Prefabricated vanity unit made of KERDI-BOARD
  • KERDI-KERS corner pieces (right and left)
  • Drain adapter with 1¼ inch connection thread, incl. KERDI waterproofing collar

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General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W is a prefabricated washbasin/vanity unit for use with a wall mounted tap. Made from the multifunctional tile underlayment Schlüter- KERDI-BOARD, the washbasin/vanity unit can be directly covered with tiles using the thin bed method.

The unit can easily be adapted to on-site conditions. It can be installed as a floating version with the optionally available wall brackets, or can be supported on legs made of 50 mm thick Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD. (See also the corresponding data sheet 12.1).

The supplied drain adapter has a permanently attached elasticated KERDI waterproofing collar and a 1¼" connection thread for connecting commercially available traps. The prefabricated KERDI-KERS corner pieces can be used to create a reliable waterproofing connection to the adjoining wall.

Two designs from the KERDI-LINE-VARIO range of drainage profiles should be fitted over the outlet. These can be individually cut to size, are height adjustable and are shipped with two matching end caps. (See also the corresponding data sheet 8.10).

Our LIPROTEC system offers an extensive range of profiles for custom illumination of the washbasin/vanity unit.

How to install this product

Installation on stands/legs:
1. Determine the installation heights.

2. The KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity unit can be adapted to on-site requirements. For a stand alone installation, use two stands made of KERDI-BOARD in a thickness of at least 50 mm, which can be placed on the left and right to support the washbasin/vanity unit.

3. The use of a commercially available trap is only possible under certain conditions due to the connection being near to the wall. We recommend using a bottle trap or a concealed trap.

4. Bond the components with the installation adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-FIX that is supplied with the set. Insert the supplied filler pieces into the openings.

5. Adhere the KERDI-KERS waterproofing collars included in the set for waterproofing, using the sealing adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L (not included). Additionally, seal the drain adapter with KERDI-FIX in the area of the drain opening.

6. If using a stand/leg to support one end of the washbasin/vanity unit and an angle profile to support the other end make sure the angle profile is 520mm long x at least 20mm.

Floating installation of KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity unit with optionally available wall brackets:
Caution: The installation wall substrate must be level, even and suitable for sufficient load transfer.

1. The KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity unit can be individually adapted to on-site conditions.

2. Mark the drilling holes with the supplied drilling template.

3. Apply a sufficient amount of KERDI-FIX to the back of the vanity unit and slide it onto the wall brackets KBWAB450 to create a firm connection with the wall.

4. Adhere the KERDI-KERS waterproofing collars included in the set for waterproofing, using the sealing adhesive KERDI-COLL-L (not included). Seal the drain adapter with KERDI-FIX in the area of the drain opening.

Installation of drainage profiles

1. Cut the drainage profile to size with a suitable handsaw to match the structural requirements on site, using the supplied cutting gauge (do not use an angle cutter) and de-burr the cu.

2. The set includes two end caps to create a simple and elegant finish.

3. The aluminium profiles COVE 26 and WAVE 34 come with a cover frame, which is fitted precisely over the drain adapter in advance, using thin-bed tile adhesive.

4. Adjust the height of the drainage profile by filling with thin-bed tile adhesive in such a way that it is flush with or just slightly below the covering surface. For optimum load transfer, make sure to avoid all cavities when embedding the drainage profile with mortar, particularly in the area of the drain opening. Note: KERDI-LINE-VARIO can also be installed in suspended timber floor substrates. Please contact us for further details. KERDI-LINE-VARIO drainage profiles are intended for positioning in the wall and intermediate floor areas and should not be installed near the entry of the shower area. Please contact our Technical Department with any questions you may have.

What this product is made from

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W is a composite material comprising four layers of extruded rigid XPS foam with a panel thickness of 28 mm, 2x 25 mm and 5 mm. The surface of the 28 mm and 5 mm board is laminated with a special, cement-free reinforcement material and a fleece fabric on both sides for effective anchoring of cementitious tile adhesive. It features a 10 x 10 mm imprinted gridline pattern for easier cutting. The boards are fully bonded.

Material properties and areas of application

The surface of the KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity unit is waterproof and resistant to any chemical stresses that typically occur in conjunction with tiled coverings. Where required, a certified bonded waterproofing assembly can be created with Schlüter-KERDI or KERDI-BOARD. The KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity unit is completely level and will not warp in response to temperature and moisture fluctuations. The material is age-resistant and highly durable. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Substrates must be checked for sufficient stability and other project-related requirements.

How to look after this product

Store KERDI-BOARD washbasin/vanity units on a flat surface or in another suitable form. When stored outside, the component must be protected against direct sun exposure and weather.


Create a vanity/washbasin unit with Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W