Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-A-SETS  Complete sets for linear floor-level showers

If you prefer to buy the grate and frame combination and the drainage unit in a single set, our KERDI-LINE-A sets are convenient packages containing everything you need to build a linear floor-level shower with a horizontal drain. The linear drain set can be positioned centrally or at the perimeter of the shower area.

Set includes:

  1. Grate and frame combination with SOLID grate
  2. Corner seal (for lateral wall connection)
  3. Two-part odour trap
  4. Channel body with sealing collar
  5. Drain body
  6. Drain pipe
  7. Channel support
  8. DN 40 to DN 50 adapter

Product image KERDI-LINE-A-SETS 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-A-SETS 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Product image KERDI-LINE-A-SETS 1
Cross-section drawing KERDI-LINE-A-SETS 1

General product information

What this product does

  • drain: DN 40
  • drain capacity: 0.5 l/s
  • water trap height: 25 mm
  • installation height: 78 mm
  • width of cover incl. frame: 74 mm