Schlüter-BARA-RK  T-shaped finishing profile

Schlüter-BARA-RK is a T-shaped finishing profile made of colour-coated aluminium. The profile provides a neat edge appearance while protecting the exposed edges of the screed bed against weathering and corrosion. The sloped projecting drip lip covers the exposed edges of the Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS sub-surface drainage system which is installed below the load-distribution layer.

BARA-RK can be ordered in colours individually chosen by you. Choose from 190 MyDesign RAL colours to add a touch of colour to your balcony or terrace.

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Product image BARA-RK 1
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Cross-section drawing BARA-RK 1

General product information

What this product does

During the application of the screed, the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of Schlüter-BARA-RK is solidly embedded into the mortar bed while the upper edge of the profile is used to screed the mortar bed to the appropriate height. Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS, serving as sub-surface drainage, shall be laid between the waterproofing layer and the screed in order to prevent penetrating water from collecting in the screed layer.

If Schlüter-DITRA is to be installed, the screed is levelled 3 mm below the top of the profile. DITRA uncouples the tile covering from the screed and neutralises stresses caused by differential movement, primarily due to temperature fluctuations, between the screed and the tile. In addition, DITRA in conjunction with the tile covering creates a bonded surface-waterproof layer.

How to install this product

  1. At the edge area, Schlüter-BARA-RK is positioned into a layer of mortar. Prefabricated corner pieces for internal and external corners are available. Abut the profile ends with a joint of approx. 5 mm and conceal the joint with snap-on connectors.
  2. Balcony and terrace surfaces shall be filled with mortar to the height at which the mortar bed’s structural reinforcement (AKS lattice) is placed. In doing so, the reinforcing lattice must overlap the anchoring leg of the profile.
  3. To produce the load-distribution layer, the screed mortar is applied at the appropriate height and slope using the upper edge of BARA-RK as a screeding guide. If Schlüter-DITRA is to be installed as an uncoupling and bonded waterproof membrane, the screed is levelled 3 mm below the top of the profile and carefully compacted.
  4. Note: Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS must be laid as an area drainage layer between the waterproofing layer and the screed. The visual gap created between the waterproofing and the screed, due to the installation of the drainage layer, can be covered by attaching the drip lip. The drip lip cannot prevent the dripping water from coming into contact with the front edge or the wall area in all cases.

What this product is made from

Schlüter-BARA-RK is made of chromated and colour-coated aluminium.

Material properties and areas of application

The powder coating of the aluminium profile is colour-stable as well as UV- and weather-resistant. Visible surfaces should be protected against abrasion.

Penetrating water must not collect in the screed bed into which BARA-RK has been anchored (installation of drainage layer), since water enriched with alkali will attack aluminium. In special cases, the suitability of BARA-RK must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical and/or other stresses.

How to look after this product

Schlüter-BARA-RK requires no special maintenance or care. The powder-coated surface of the aluminium profile is colour-stable. Damage to the surface can be restored with paint.