Stainless steel profiles from Schlüter-Systems

Invest in quality, elegance and durability with our diverse portfolio of stainless steel profiles for demanding applications. The spectrum ranges from decorative edge protection elements to robust stainless steel channels for indoor and outdoor use. 

Schlüter-KERDI-LINE in stainless steel on a dark tiled floor in the bathroom.

Stainless steel profiles – functionality meets design

Stainless steel is and remains a popular material in architecture. Current design trends are pointing towards a combination of reflective and matte surfaces with metal. In keeping with this, our assortment includes products with high-quality stainless steel surfaces. The visual impact of stainless steel profiles from Schlüter-Systems – often also in refined, polished or brushed surface finishes – extends the timelessly elegant atmosphere of your interior design to the walls and floors.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a collective term for more than 160 special types of steel – known as alloy steels – that thanks to their different compositions are suited to a wide range of different applications. Stainless steel is not necessarily rustproof. Only when chromium is added to the alloy does a protective, passive layer form on the surface of just a few thousandths of a millimetre in thickness. While this layer is very thin, it can always form again if it is mechanically damaged, and so rust does not generally occur on this steel. As such this protective layer must never be permanently damaged (e.g. by extraneous rust or certain chemicals such as hydrochloric acid).

All stainless steel products in our product assortment are generally manufactured to V2A quality (material no. 1.4301 = AISI 304). Many products are however also available in V4A quality (material no. 1.4404 = AISI 316L).

Higher corrosion resistance with V4A

Particularly in areas that are exposed to chemical influences, such as outdoors near the coast or with high levels of industrial air pollution, food industry operations or even near swimming pools, damage can occur to the protective layer. In such situations it is recommended to use V4A stainless steel (material no. 1.4404 = AISI 316L), which has higher corrosion resistance appropriate for such demanding requirements, rather than conventional V2A stainless (material no. 1.4301 = AISI 304).

Even stainless steel in 1.4404 quality is not resistant to all chemical stresses, such as hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid or certain chorine or brine concentrations. In some cases this is also the case with saltwater swimming pools. Particular stresses that are likely to occur must therefore be verified in advance. If you are uncertain about the correct choice of materials, the Technical Sales Department and the sales representatives of Schlüter-Systems are available to advise planners and installers.

Our system solutions in stainless steel

Edge protection in stainless steel

The edges of floor and wall tile coverings must be reliably protected. In selected ranges of our edge protection and finishing profiles such as SCHIENE, JOLLY and QUADEC you can opt for stainless steel quality.

Particularly worthy of mention are stair steps. These are subject to heavy mechanical stresses and pose a high accident risk. Thanks to their slip-resistant design and high visibility, Schlüter-TREP profiles are an enhancement to safety. They protect the step edges from damage, so maintaining an undamaged tile covering on the stairway. When used in renovation works, Schlüter-TREP-EK can be retrofitted to steps coated in tiles or natural stone.

Schlüter-SCHIENE-ES edge protection profile in stainless steel

Edge protection profiles in stainless steel

For tiles on both walls and floors, our edge protection profiles in stainless steel offer a reliable and stylish finish.

Schlüter-TREP-E stair nosing profile in stainless steel

Stair nosing profiles in stainless steel

Our high-quality TREP profiles in stainless steel are slip-resistant and help to prevent both accidents on stair steps and damage to the step edges.

Detailed view of a construction with Schlüter-DILEX between two floor coverings.

Movement joints in stainless steel

With the Schlüter-DILEX series we offer low-maintenance, highly functional stainless steel solutions for all important expansion joints.

Stainless steel in the bathroom

Schlüter system products in stainless steel are suitable for a variety of applications in the bathroom. They lend the room a modern, stylish appearance yet are particularly functional. So for example our Schlüter-SHELF system not only provides easy-to-clean storage surfaces but also an elegant and timeless look.

Drainage plays a particularly important role in the bathroom as it ensures that water is reliably removed and does not remain in the room. Shower drains in stainless steel are long-lasting, robust and easy to clean. They are available in various versions and sizes, so ensuring that you can find the appropriate drainage for your individually-designed bathroom.

Schlüter-SHELF-W-S1 shelf in brushed stainless steel for tiled walls.

Storage spaces in stainless steel

Our practical SHELF storage systems in hard-wearing brushed stainless steel is an indispensable part of your dream bathroom design.

Schlüter-Systems drainage products in stainless steel

Stainless steel shower channels

Variety of elegant designs, durability, robustness and ease of cleaning.

Profiles in stainless steel for floor-level showers

Shower profiles in stainless steel

System solutions for floor-level flowers with linear drainage.

Stainless steel for outdoor applications

Schlüter stainless steel products are an excellent choice for outdoor applications. They are robust, long-lasting, easy to care for and offer a wide range of design possibilities. Our Schlüter-TROBA-LINE drainage channels allow low connecting heights to door elements and provide elegant drainage. Our stainless steel Schlüter-BARA edge profiles protect the edges of balconies from damage, reliably and long-term.

TROBA-LINE drainage channel in stainless steel, allowing low connecting heights in outdoor applications

Outdoor drainage in stainless steel

Low connecting heights with our stainless steel TROBA-LINE drainage channel.

Schlüter outdoor stainless steel profiles for balconies and terraces

Stainless steel profiles in outdoor applications

Protect your balcony or terrace assembly with our stainless steel BARA profiles.

KERDI-DRAIN-SP-E in stainless steel - spouts for balconies

Stainless steel spout

Look to our KERDI-DRAIN-SP-E drainage spout in stainless steel for balconies and terraces that are bounded by a parapet.

Care tips for stainless steel products

Stainless steel products should be regularly cleaned with a mild detergent. Regular cleaning not only preserves the clean look of the material but also reduces the risk of corrosion. Avoid bringing the items into contact with other metals such as ordinary steel, as this can cause extraneous rust.

Avoid using tools such as trowels or steel wool to remove mortar residues. Ensure that the cleaning agent used is free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agent on sensitive surfaces. Where necessary you can use Schlüter-CLEAN-CP cleaning polish.