Schlüter-CLEAN-CP  Cleaner and polish for stainless steel profiles

We recommend using a suitable cleaning polish to make sure that high-quality profiles, especially those with stainless steel finishes, permanently keep their shine. Discover Schlüter-CLEAN-CP – a combined cleaner and polish that also eliminates rust films, deposits and discolourations as well as minor scratches.

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General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-CLEAN-CP is a special cleaning polish that is particularly suited for maintaining the shine of Schlüter stainless steel profiles. It eliminates rust film, deposits and discolorations as well as minor scratches. CLEAN-CP is also suitable for cleaning other metal surfaces such as brass, aluminium and other anodised coatings. The product removes smudges and minor scratches from plastic as well.

How to install this product

Apply CLEAN-CP to a clean cloth or directly on the surface to be treated and rub it in until a dry, grey film has formed. Then polish thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth until all residue has been removed.

What this product is made from

CLEAN-CP is not a hazardous material and is made of highly refined abrasives, oils, solubilising agents and emulsifiers.

Material properties and areas of application

CLEAN-CP has a paste-like consistency. Prior to use, we recommend testing its suitability on a material sample or in a concealed location.