Installer interview: Battersea Bathrooms on using Schlüter-Systems for luxury wetrooms

How long have you been using Schlüter products?

I have been using Schlüter products ever since I formed my own plumbing business in London more than 15 years ago. At the start of my career, when I worked as a specialist plumber in high-end luxury properties in Knightsbridge and Kensington, I was one of a few people who knew about Schlüter products.

I started using Schlüter-DITRA uncoupling mat as I was impressed with the quality of the products and started to use the underfloor heating.  Schlüter products are so much better than competitors’.

How did you first hear about the products?

I was introduced to the product by a friend who had an amazing stone and tile installation company. I worked with him on his projects in multi-million pound properties; the ones with swimming pools and helicopter pads! His clients were extremely demanding so he needed to make sure that there were no issues with his bathrooms otherwise his reputation would be ruined. I wanted to bring that luxury look and performance to ordinary people, but it was hard trying to convince people to pay more to future-proof their bathrooms.

Have you attended a Schlüter training course?

Yes, I am a certified Schlüter wet room installer.

Have you needed to seek the advice of a Schlüter professional when tackling an installation problem?

Michael, my area sales representative, is always answering my questions and the rest of the team is always happy to help if I call.

As I’ve been installing Schlüter products for a long time, I generally don’t need too much help.  I do, however, like to comply with Schlüter’s regulations.  For example, the DITRA HEAT underfloor heating needs to be installed very accurately. All the heating cables need to be six cm away from the walls, separate heating cables need to be installed in the wall to the floor and the cabling needs to be in a protected channel. With all my experience, I still call occasionally for their advice as I want to make sure I’m doing it perfectly for my clients.

As Schlüter-Systems is always developing new products, I keep in contact to give them practical feedback on how I find them.

What project are you currently working on where Schlüter’s products have been used and where is it located?

Currently, we are working on three wetrooms in Soho, where the client has experienced water leaks from their previous contractor and asked us for help. I get a lot of clients who have come to me because they have experienced tiles falling off or leaks after a refurbishment.  Homeowners who have been let down in this way really welcome the five-year warranty I give.  We are also starting a large project of five wet rooms in Kings Cross in a luxury multi-million-pound development.

Which particular products are you using?

I use various Schlüter-Systems products in these projects, including KERDI-BOARD, DITRA-HEAT and KERDI-KEBA, as well as the full range of profiles and drains such as KERDI-LINE-G3.

What do you like about the product(s)?

They are definitely the best in the market and are consistently reliable. I particularly like the way you can build any shape in the bathrooms and wet rooms with KERDI-BOARD.  I’ve used the product to build waterproof benches, shower shelves, partition walls, basin units and steps.

What were the benefits of using Schlüter over other materials?

The warranty that Schlüter-Systems provides, the quality of products, and the creative possibilities.

Where has the product been used and what for?

We use Schlüter materials in every single wetroom and bathroom we do. We strip the bathrooms down completely to lay a waterproof foundation on the brick walls. We use them on plywood or simply on plasterboards. I really like the profiles that provide a great contrast to the tiles and protect their corners from damage.

Did you find the material easy to work with?  Were there any challenges?

Schlüter-Systems’ products are very easy to use. There are always clear instructions attached, and pictures. There is a YouTube channel where you can see and easily understand how to install the products.

Where do you purchase Schlüter products?

I purchase my products in Boyden Tiles as they have known me for 15 years and they give my clients preferential rates and priority delivery - usually next day no matter what quantity or product I order.