Schlüter-DILEX-F  Movement joint profile that needs no embedding

Schlüter-DILEX-F consists of the DILEX-FCS carrier profile with side sections made of recycled rigid PVC and the DILEX-FIS insert that is available in ten colours.

Despite the visible surface being just 3.5 mm wide, DILEX-F can be used to optimally compensate for the normal movements of tile coverings.

The silicone insert also has a dirt-repellent surface, is especially easy to clean and, thanks to an integrated nylon thread, remains constant in length. The installation aid supplied makes it quick and easy to press the insert into the profile.

  • Foot traffic
  • Cars
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Product image DILEX-F 1
Product image DILEX-F 2
Product image DILEX-F 3
Product image DILEX-F 4
Product image DILEX-F 5
Cross-section drawing DILEX-F 1
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General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-DILEX-F is a prefabricated plastic movement carrier profile with a very narrow, exchangeable soft zone insert made of special silicone for installation in tiled coverings. This insert comes in 10 different colours.

The lateral, trapezoidal perforated anchoring legs, made of recycled rigid PVC, are secured in the tile adhesive beneath the tiles where they transmit any movements that occur to the movement zone.

The movement zone absorbs compressive and tensile stresses. The subsequently introduced, special silicone movement zone with integrated anti-stretch thread, is approx. 3.5 mm wide when installed, matching common grout joint widths.

The narrow width of the movement zone absorbs relatively limited movements; this should be taken into account when evaluating the requirements for a specific application. DILEX-F can be installed as a movement joint in tiled coverings. We recommend using it in conjunction with our uncoupling membranes from the Schlüter-DITRA product family.

If greater movements of the tiled construction are to be expected, we are also happy to refer you to alternative products of the DILEX product range, e.g. Schlüter-DILEX-KS.

In addition to residential applications, DILEX-F can also be installed in areas with moderate traffic loads, such as offices/salesrooms or car showrooms.

How to install this product

  1. Select DILEX-FCS according to the tile thickness + thin-bed mortar thickness.

    Note: Tiles with rectified edges are suitable for the DILEX-F system
  2. Apply tile adhesive to the area where the profile is to be installed, using a notched trowel.
  3. Press the perforated anchoring legs of DILEX-FCS into the tile adhesive and align.
  4. Trowel additional tile adhesive over the trapezoidal perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage. Avoid soiling the vertical profile leg.
  5. Firmly press the adjoining tiles into place in the tile adhesive without joint to the carrier profile. Full coverage must be obtained between the tile and the profile’s anchoring leg. The surface of the tiles should be as flush as possible with the orange protective covering. Avoid or immediately remove any tile adhesive that escapes between the profile and tile.
  6. Then grout the tiling surface with a suitable jointing material. Omit the joints fitted with DILEX-F.
  7. After completing the grouting and cleaning, remove/pull off the orange-coloured protective covering. Remove excess mortar or dirt from the joints or tile edges in this area. To do so, use side C of the installation aid supplied and then remove the excess material with a vacuum cleaner.
  8. DILEX-FIS is pressed into the profile chamber using sides A and B on the assembly aid. Use a spray gun with water to support the application of the soft zone. In the area of joint intersections, lay the inlay through in one direction where the laterally adjoining soft zones can be abutted.

What this product is made from

Schlüter-DILEX-FCS is a narrow, prefabricated movement carrier profile with lateral, trapezoidal perforated anchoring legs and is made of recycled rigid PVC. The lower movement zone and the orange-coloured protective covering consist of soft CPE.

Schlüter-DILEX-FIS is an insert made of cross-linked silicone roll material with integrated anti-stretch thread that is easily exchangeable if necessary.

Material properties and areas of application

The material is resistant to most chemicals commonly encountered in tiled environments and is formulated to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth. The surface finish of the DILEX-FIS soft zone prevents dirt particles from adhering.

In special cases, the suitability of the selected profile type must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical or other stresses. The DILEX-FIS insert is UV-resistant and free of softening agents.

DILEX-F is a movement joint for tiled coverings set using the thin bed method in interior areas; the use of uncoupling membranes from the DITRA product family is recommended here.

If, due to the dimensions of the rooms, movement joints are required in the surface, the necessary absorption of movement can be achieved by increasing the number of DILEX-F movement joints in the surface. The profiles are not suitable for use above structural movement joints.

How to look after this product

Schlüter-DILEX-F is resistant to fungi and bacteria and requires no special maintenance or care. It can be cleaned with regular household detergents when cleaning the tile covering.


Schlüter-DILEX-F movement joint