Digital print in the design of your choice

As individual as your home: MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems lets you design our profiles to your personal requirements.

Digital print in the design of your choice with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems

Creative freedom beyond all limits.

The design of your choice on our profile? No problem: MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems offers all the tools you need to easily create the look for your Schlüter profiles! From the harmonious incorporation of the covering design to customised patterns and the placement of text or company logos – anything is possible.

KERDI-BOARD-W washbasin/vanity unit with green patterned tile covering and matching printed profile edges. © Schlueter-Systems

As if made in one piece: Profiles printed in the covering design achieve inconspicuous finishes – like here with the customised KERDI-BOARD-W washbasin/vanity unit solution.

Foyer of a building with a printed border profile on the wall that points the way to the lobby. © Schlueter-Systems

Pioneering: The DESIGNLINE-AC border profile can be precisely adapted to the needs of designers and home owners with patterns, lettering or logo printing from MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems – also in small quantities.

Kitchen countertop with finishing profile printed in covering design © Schlueter-Systems

Perfect edge protection in the design of your choice: The high-quality RONDEC-AC finishing profile is ideal for kitchen countertops or shelving – and can be printed right up to the external corners.

Elegantly discrete – or flamboyantly expressive

We took a major step toward blending profiles and tiles with the introduction of our textured TRENDLINE range – but printing with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems makes the illusion perfect. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing, the visible edges of numerous popular profiles can be optimally matched to your tile or covering design – for effective edge protection that remains discreetly in the background. Also ideal for skirting boards along the floor – and not only for tiles, but also in combination with parquet, laminate or vinyl floors.

New accents in the skirting or wall area are also possible: Whether high-contrast finishes, pioneering borders or the integration of company logos, MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems lets you express your individuality and always keep one step ahead in covering design with the use of profiles.

© Schlueter-Systems

We can individually print these products with MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems:

How to order MyDesign digital printing in four easy steps

You can place your orders via e-mail or by phone as usual, but the manufacturing process has a few special features and takes a little time. Our in-house customer service consultants will support you throughout the entire process and keep you up to date with the status of your order at all times.

Step 1

Determining the price

The costs for your MyDesign project with customised printing are made up of four components:

  1. Unit price of the desired product(s) that you would like to have coated.
  2. MyDesign surcharge C of £ 15.64 per metre.
  3. Price of desired corners, end caps and/or connectors at a flat rate of £ 27.02 per unit.
  4. MyDesign set-up cost of £ 426.66 for setting up the printing machine and preparing the sample prints. This set-up cost cannot be discounted and is a one-time feeper design, regardless of quantity. This means that any number of profiles and accessories from the MyDesign programme can be printed with the desired design.
Step 2

Determining the order number

  1. Select the profile from the MyDesign programme, e.g. QUADEC-AC: C / Q ...* DP 
  2. Select the desired height and add it to art. no. in place of the *, e.g. 6 mm: C / Q 60 DP
  3. Select corners, end caps and/or connectors, e.g. C / EV / Q 60 DP
  4. Submit the tile pattern or file with the design of your choice and make a note of it

Sample order number: C / Q 60 DP A as well as C / EV / Q 60 DP with the printing of your choice 

Step 3

Print release

For customised printing, in addition to your order, we also require the desired print design that you can send us in a variety of ways:

  • As a flooring pattern, i.e. as a pattern of tile, parquet, vinyl or laminate that the print is to match. We use this sample to create a high-resolution scan that serves as the basis for printing.
  • As a file, i.e. as a high-resolution scan, as a graphics file or – in the case of text – as a text file.

Before actual production, you will receive sample prints from us that match various lighting concepts for selection and approval on site.

Step 4


© Schlueter-Systems

As soon as we receive your approval for one of the print samples, we will schedule the production of your order on our printing machine. Our sales department will communicate the anticipated delivery time (within Germany and other European countries) when you place your order.


The pricing of subsequent orders is calculated in the same way as for initial orders. This means that the set-up cost of £ 426.66 will again be due for every design. We therefore recommend diligence and forward planning in putting together your order quantity. Please note that the set-up cost is charged immediately upon sample approval.

No, there is no minimum order volume. You can order exactly the quantity you need for your individual project. This makes MyDesign projects an excellent fit for large-scale construction and residential building projects alike.

As individual as our customers

MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems offers a wide range of options to add your individual touch to our products. From drainage channels with personal engravings to profiles and shelves with custom coatings and digitally printed surfaces in the design of your choice, many Schlüter products can be precisely adapted to the needs of designers and home owners – not just in large volumes, but also in small quantities.