Schlüter® Registered Installer

Why a Schlüter® Registered Installer?

Step into the world of Schlüter by joining our professional community as a Schlüter® Registered Installer. Are you dedicated to guaranteeing the durability and reliability of your installations? If so, the Schlüter Registered Installer programme is for you.

Enjoy exclusive access to events and early access to our latest product releases. Beyond comprehensive product and installation training, you'll receive a prestigious membership card, showcase your expertise on our "Find a Schlüter® Registered Installer" webpage, benefit from an extended project warranty, and enjoy continuous project support.

Sound good? Continue reading to find out how to become an SRI.

How do I become a Schlüter® Registered Installer?

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Get started on your path to becoming a certified Schlüter Registered Installer by participating in one of our interactive, hands-on training sessions.

Join us for an engaging day filled with interactive learning, where you'll acquire the essential skills and knowledge to expertly install Schlüter products in bathrooms and more.

Once you have completed the training, you'll have the opportunity to assess if pursuing recognition as a Schlüter Registered Installer is beneficial to you and we'll provide you with all of the necessary information you need, there and then. 

Already attended? If you have been to a Schlüter training day within the last 2 years, you could qualify to be a registered installer.

Schlüter-Systems training course

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What can you expect to learn at the practical training course?

  • Installation of waterproof sheet membrane systems & waterproof tile backer / construction boards.
  • Creating level access shower area’s and installation of linear drainage systems.
  • Installing waterproof, uncoupling and combined heating systems.
  • Critical connections such as baths & shower trays.

Schlüter-Systems can offer you and your team a valuable training day at the Schlüter-Systems Education Centre.
Providing tiling professionals with an in-depth understanding of the best installation methods for our products, you will leave with the expertise to install Schlüter-Systems products with confidence.

The benefits of becoming a Schlüter® Registered Installer

  • Schlüter product and installation training 
  • Registration and certification 
  • Membership card
  • Featured on the find a Schlüter® Registered Installer section on the website 
  • Extended project warranty
  • Project support

Exclusive access to:

  • Discounts and offers
  • Events
  • New products and news
  • Social media support