Schlüter-DILEX-MP  Expansion joint profile with extension

Schlüter-DILEX-MP is an expansion joint profile with undercut lateral sections made of rigid, recycled PVC and a soft CPE expansion zone covering the lateral sections, complete with extension profiles for use in screed installation.

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Product image DILEX-MP 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
Cross-section drawing DILEX-MP 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Product image DILEX-MP 1
Cross-section drawing DILEX-MP 1

General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-DILEX-MP is a special profile made of rigid PVC and soft CPE that can be adjusted to the assembly height of the surface covering by attaching the Schlüter-DILEX-MPV extension profile.

The profile system is suitable for creating expansion joints in floor coverings made of ceramic tile, natural stone, brick or synthetic pavers over screed mortar beds. The profile separates the individual covering sections and equalises compression stresses in its centre segment of soft CPE. Expansion stresses that may occur cannot be absorbed, as the profile does not have lateral anchoring in the screed mortar bed. The lateral edges of the rigid PVC profile, which are covered by a soft CPE movement zone of approximately 1 mm at the top, protect the edges of adjoining covering materials from minor mechanical impact, e.g. in residential settings, offices or sales rooms.

DILEX-MP may also be inserted in saw cut joints or wider cut joints, e.g. in the case of renovations. The remaining joint between the tile and the profile must be filled completely with grout or epoxy.

How to install this product

  1. Adjust profile to the assembly height by attaching snap-on extensions (-MPV).
  2. Set the profile flush against the edge area of a previously completed tile covering. The lateral profile parts must be solidly embedded in the mortar.
  3. Install the surface of the adjacent tile covering flush against the profile surface.
  4. Fill the remaining joint between the profile and the covering completely with grout.

Installation note on joint repair:

Prepare the joint width and depth appropriately and insert or drive the profile into the joint. Fill the joint space between the profile and the covering completely with grout, epoxy or dry set mortar.

What this product is made from

Schlüter-DILEX-MP consists of recycled rigid PVC side sections that feature dove-tailed anchoring ribs, connected at the top by a soft CPE movement zone. The Schlüter-DILEX-MPV extension profile is made of recycled rigid PVC.

Material properties and areas of application

The profile is resistant to most chemicals encountered in tiled environments. In special cases, the suitability of a selected material type must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical, and/or other stresses. The CPE movement zone of the profile is UV resistant and free of plasticisers.

DILEX-MP/-MPV creates an expansion joint in ceramic tile or paver coverings that are set into a mortar bed. Individual covering fields are separated by the profile whose soft CPE movement zone equalises respective compressive stresses.

How to look after this product

Schlüter-DILEX-MP is resistant to fungi and bacteria and requires no special maintenance or care. The profile can be cleaned with regular household detergents when cleaning the tile covering.