Schlüter-BARA-RWL  Angular finishing profile

Schlüter-BARA-RWL provides an elegant way of covering and protecting assemblies with large pavers. The angular finishing profile is made of colour-coated aluminium and is the ideal solution for balcony and terrace coverings which are installed loosely over gravel or on stilted constructions such as Schlüter-TROBA-STELZ.

Note: For external corners and connectors, see the accessories for Schlüter-BARA-RW.

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Product image BARA-RWL 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
Cross-section drawing BARA-RWL 1©Schlüter-Systems KG
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Product image BARA-RWL 1
Cross-section drawing BARA-RWL 1

General product information

What this product does

Schlüter-BARA-RWL is an angular finishing profile for large format pavers, which are laid on loose gravel layers or pedestal assemblies above a waterproofing layer (in accordance with DIN 18531) and installed drainage layer.

The trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of BARA-RWL is placed along the edge, on top of the waterproofing layer and adjusted to the correct height and alignment.

The vertical finishing leg covers the edge of either the entire surface assembly or just the gravel layer or pedestals. Profile heights from 15 mm to 150 mm allow for any type of edge formation.

Drainage holes, spaced at approximately 7.5 cm, are incorporated at the transition of the anchoring leg and the finishing leg to ensure the correct drainage of any collecting seepage water.

How to install this product

  1. Select Schlüter-BARA-RWL according to the height of the floor construction to be covered. A prefabricated corner piece is available for external corners. Abut the profile ends with a joint of approx. 5 mm and conceal the joint with snap-on connectors.
  2. Before the drainage mats (Schlüter-TROBA or Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS) are installed, set the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of the finishing profile, BARA-RWL, onto the waterproofing layer and, if required, adjust to the correct height and alignment with dabs of mortar.
    1. If BARA-RWL is used as a gravel containment profile, the gravel should reach just below the upper edge of the vertical profile leg, depending on the thickness of the covering. The gravel or crushed stone must be contained to stabilise this edge area. The next step is to install the concrete pavers loosely on the levelled gravel bed.
    2. If BARA-RWL is used as a finishing profile for pedestal-supported coverings, the profile covers the exposed edge of the covering assembly. In this case, the exterior casting mould rings Schlüter-TROBA-STELZ are installed on top of the drainage mat Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS 8G in the area of the trapezoid perforated anchoring legs of BARA-RWL. Then, install the concrete pavers over the casting mould rings.

Note: To allow for unobstructed water drainage in the edge area of the covering assembly, it must be assured that the drainage openings of the drainage membrane remain open during installation. ­

What this product is made from

Schlüter-BARA-RWL is available in colour-coated aluminium.

Material properties and areas of application

BARA-RWL consists of colour-coated aluminium, which is roll formed from aluminium sheets.

The coil coating of the aluminium profile is colour-stable as well as UV- and weather-resistant. Visible surfaces should be protected against abrasion.

In special cases, the suitability of BARA-RWL must be verified based on the anticipated chemical and mechanical stresses.

How to look after this product

Schlüter-BARA-RWL requires no special maintenance or care. The coated surface of the aluminium profile is colourfast. Damage to the surface can be restored with paint.